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Lib: Cur Plitor 1502.

Memd. That it was appointed at the Courte of Deliverance holden at the Castell of Rushen the xxtti day of June Anno Dni millmo DII before the Officers that xxiiij of the Cuntrey should be chosen & they to chose them iiij merchants which should be sworn to be indifferent among the People of the Cuntrey, and when a Merchant Stranger come into the Cuntrey to make bargen with him for the Weale of the said Cuntrey people by the Advice and Counsell of my Lords Officers here, and that the said iiij Merchants should devyde all such Merchandize as were bought indifferently amongst the Company of their Land after the Rate of the first Bargen, and if any fault be found at any time with any of the said 4 Merchants the afore-said xxiiij to be at Libertie to discharge theym, and chose new in theyr Roomes And to come an[d] Enter theyr Names in my Lords Bookes before the Comptroller.

These bee the Names of the xxiiij beforesaid Thomas Stephenson, John Neleson, John McWhaiken, Henry Mcgawne of Rushen. Gibbon Nicholl, Robyn More, Will- Clerk & Donald Mcffottr of the myddell Shedyng. Mold Mekerrans, John McCorkell, ffinl: Ince & Gibbon Mckewley of the parish (? Garff). Donald Mckelly, Robin Tailr, Mold Mychell, Mold Mcquayes of Glenfaba. Ric. Mcfaile, Patrick -.Nicbrew, James Mccrayn, Will-McAuley of Kirk michell Shedyng. Willm Goldsmyth. Michell Mctagart, Gilchrist Mckere & Gilchrist Mcnele of the Ayre. Which xxiiij have chosen these iiij following.

That is to say John Stephenson and Gibbon Mcfaile upon the Castell side. Jur. ffynd Skylicorne and Edmund McCorkell upon the Pele side. Jur.

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