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It would appear that in the summer of 1798 Governor Shaw, anxious about the number of Irish people who were then arriving upon the shores of Man, instructed the Captains of the Parishes to make a 'RETURN OR LIST OF STRANGERS OR PERSONS NOT BORN IN THIS ISLAND, NOW RESIDING IN THE PARISH OF' &C.

Printed forms were sent by the Governor to the Captains of the Towns as well as to the Captains of the Parishes. Only one of these forms, filled up as ordered, has been preserved, namely, the one from Kirk Marown filled in by William Cubbon, member of the House of Keys and Captain of that parish, who took the particulars at a Parish Muster called by him on 25th June, 1798.

The printed form had the following headings where born; where residing; trade; how many years residing here; how many children, etc. The Kirk Marown list was set down as follows

1. Parks (Fitzgerald); from Ireland; at Ballagary ; farmer; three years or near four; a son called Samuel a batchelor.

2. McClery (Patrick); from Ireland; at Close-moar ; blacksmith; two years & a half; married to a Manx woman.

3. Thompson (William); from Ireland; at Ballagarey; weaver; half a year; a married man.

Honorable Governor Shaw.

In obedience to your order and command dated at Castle Rushen the 20th day of this instant directed to me, I called the Parishioners together, have had a strict watch and Alarm posts fixed, and taken the names of such young, able Yeomen as are willing to take Armes & be instructed in the use of Arms within this Parish amounting to Twenty.

And by the best account I can get or know myself of Resident Strangers in this Parish, the Return subjoined only amounts to 3 Families. All which is humbly certified to your Honor by your most H. Servant

WM. CUBBON. .Marown, 26 June, 1798.

William Cubbon of Ballacallin, Kirk Marown, was the son of another William Cubbon, member of the Keys and Captain of the Parish. His son was Vicar-General Thomas Cubbon, and his grandson was General Sir Mark Cubbon, Governor of Mysore from 1834 to 1861.

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