Bridge House Collection.

Document No. 68.



Lib. Scacc. 1659.

Insula Mona.

Whereas Mr. Willm Christian late Receivr Genrall of this Isle hath wthdrawne himself out of the same in a private manner, havinge neither the Consent of the Lord of the Isle, nor of my-self, which in Dutie hee ought to have desired & obtayned license for before such his Depture, as by the Lawes of this Isle is manifest and was well knowne to him. And fforasmuch alsoe as hee the said late Receivr stood then upon his Accompts before mee by a spetiall Comission from his Lopp for divers Thousands of pounds, ffor which bee hath not yet given any accompt, I am thereuppon moved for his transgression in deptinge this Isle wthout leave, as afforesaid, and alsoe for securinge of the said Sumes soe to be accompted for for his Lopps Indempnitie therein : to ceize, secure and sequester (amongst other the Lands and Estates of the said late Receivr) for his Lopps use, that pcell of Land called Lane More in the pish of KK Andreas, and Corna-Milne or Milnes in the pish of KK Maughold. And by these presents for that end & purpose, I doe nominate and appoint you to ceize uppon & to secure and sequester the said Lane More & Corna Milnes wth all profitts & advantages thereout arisinge or growinge for the use & behoofe of his Lopp. Given under my hand and Seale of Arms at Holmtowne this xxixth day of July 1659.

JAMES CHALONER. To Robt. Quayle Coronr of the Garffe Sheadinge, for Corna-Milnes &

To John Garrett Coroner of ye Ayre Sheadinge for Lane More accordinge to the Tenr & purport hereof.

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