From the Diocesan Records.

Document No. 66.



Philip Callister prsented for carrying a Bundle of flax on Sonday in ye afternoon before prayers were done. To acknowledge his error before ye Congregation, & prmise reformacon sub pwna xs ad usum Dni.

John Kneal prsented by Willm Quaile one of ye Church Wardens for carrying a Sack of Meal on Sonday before prayers in yo afternoon. Censured ut supra.

Annie Calie prsented for speaking scandallous words (viz.) that Jony Harrisson was Cursed, and that she burned houses on men. To acknowledge her fault and to ask forgiveness in plaena Eccla.

Sam: Green prsented by Philip Cannell, a Church Warden, for carrying a burden on his back on Sonday at noon. To acknowledge his error in plaena Eccla & prmise reformacon.

Margt Curlett prsented for having an illegittemat child; ye father is not yet known till she declare. Both parties to be punished according to law when the father is known.

Katherin Corjeag and John Moldrea p. fornicatione : 3. dies in Eccla, one week's Imprissmt, & to give in bonds Iter. fornicare sub poena xxs ad usum Dni.

Thomas Killip & his maide prsented for whoredom. The man 7 Sondayes penance & the woman 3 Sondayes; and one week's Impresst.

Tho : Carrett & Margt Quaile for not Cohabitted as man and wife. Both to be comitted till they give in bonds to cohabitt togethr.

Examd p. me Joanem Christian, Registrar Archd.

The Sumnr of K. Michael is to require the prformance of the above Censures wt delay, and to return Certificates of the same when prformed, & in case he be disobeyed to call to the Constable of yo next Garrisson for ye assistance of a Souldier, & this shall be his discharge.

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