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To the Rt Worshipfull John Ireland Esqe Leiut. & Captain of the Isle of Mann. The humble peticon of Christopher Young Clerk.

Shewing -

That whereas the Revd. Ffather in God John [Phillips, 1604-1633] this Isle did by vertue of a token in stone inclosed Letter, Cite your Orator to appear personally before him at the Church of Ballalough upon the sixth day of the Instant Ffebruary between the hours of nine and Eleven in the afforenoon signifying that there and then your suppliant shall hear and receive the final Censure, Decree Sentence & Determination of the Cause in Difference between your said supplt and Sr Nicholas Thompson Clerk concerning the Parsonage of Ballalough aforesd which he assumeth to do by vertue of a Refference to him directed four or five years sithence, under the hand of Sr Julius Caesar signifying his Maitys pleasure therein.

Now forasmuch as the said Bishop did not accordingly Determine the said Cause in Difference dureing the time his Majty had the protection Governmt and possession of this Isle; And for that now his Majty hath passed over the Island with all Rights titles and prerogatives thereof unto the Rt Honble Robt Earle of Salisbury Lord High Treasurer of England and Thomas Earle of Suffolk Lord Chamberland for term of certain years to come, And the Inheritance of the said Isle for ever unto the Rt Honrble Will Earle of Derby and his Heirs Your supplt in all Humbleness doth Appeale from the Bopp unto those Honerble Lords, Humbley praying yor Worp : in the Right of the Honrble Lords to Grant a prohibition that the Bishop proceed no further in the said Cause until their Honrs pleasures be known therein. And he as most bounden will daily pray for Yor Worp : in all health and Happyness ever to con-tinue. Yor Worps humble supplt


Upon perusal of this peticon in respect of a Deprivation and a judgement past under the hand and Seal Episcopal of the Bishop of this Isle then being agt Sr Nicholas Thompson for the parsonage now in question, And also for that this peticonrs presentacon came not from the true and undoubted patron, We hold it very requisit and fitting in our opinions for maintainance of the Lords prerogatives where unto we are all sworn that the Rt Honrble Lords aforesd be first made acquainted there-with and their pleasures be known therein. And . . . . this to your Worps Consideracon. We . . . . this 3rd of Ffebruary 1609.

Tho ..................

Willm Lucas Ewan Christian

Willm Ratcliff John Halsall.

Upon the humble peticon of Christor Young Clerk, shewing he hath been cited by vertue of a token in stone in a Letter under your hand to appear before you at the Church of Ballalaugh upon Tuesday next being the sixth day of this Instant Ffebruary to receive a full judgement and Determinacon of the Cause in Difference betwixt him and Sr Nicho : Thompson Clerk for Ballalaugh, I called the officers to view and peruse the same peticon who in their opinions have thought it very Requisit the Case ought to be no further proceeded in. until the Rt Honrble Lds. wch now are estated in this Isle were first made acquainted therewith.

Therefore these are to charge and Comand you in the names Rights and behalf of the Honrble Lords that you do not proceed in judgement of the Cause untill I shall first acquaint their Honrs therewith wch shall be with as good speed as conveniently may be, and in the meantime I will give knowledge to both Young and Thompson when they are to repair to the Honrble Lords and make their attendance for their Honrs pleasures therein. And so not doubting that you will presume to entermeddle further in the sd Cause - I comfit you to God.

Yor very Loving ffriend,

JOHN IRELAND. Castle Rushen this 3d of ffeb. 1609.


To the Rt Revd. ffather in God John Bishop of Sodor these be.

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