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At Castletown, June 5, 1706.

Whereas it is proved in Court that Jane Loony spoke very scandalous words concerning Mrs. ffargher of Skibrick, viz. that she was a Devil and sprung from the Devil, that she recd her goods from -him, & they wou'd return thither, &c. It is ordered that she the sd Jane Loony shall doe one Sundays penance in KK Malew Church & ask the sd. Mrs. ffargher forgiveness solemnly before the Congragacon: otherwise the Sumnr or a Sold is to comfit her into St. Germans prison, there to remain, till she submit to Law, & pay all ffees. Dat ut supra. Robert Parr. Jon Curghy.

To the Rt. Revd. Ld Bop of this Isle.

The humble petition of Jane Loony prisonr in peel - Castle. Shews

That your pet'' was ordered to make a Sunday's pennance and ask forgiveness of Mrs. Fargher of Skibrick in KK Malew Church for scandalous words which she spoke concerning her in extravag : passion, in pursuance of which she appeared last Sunday in a penitential habit, and when she was required to acknowledge the abuse in order to be forgiven, she was willing to ask forgiveness, but wou'd not obtain unless she wou'd punctually own the words specified in the Order wch she was not sensible that she uttered, upon which she is committed into St. Germans prison.

And therefore humbly craves that she may obtain inlargemt upon exact submissn to and performance of the Censure having to her regret shew'd too much folly and obstinacy, hitherto, '.which granted she as bound shal ever pray &c. After the Petitioner has given bonds to submit to Law and paid Fees you'll discharge her out of Prison.

THO. SODOR & MAN. June 10, 1700.

To Capt. Jo. Stevenson, Constable of Peel.

The above seven lines are in the writing of Bishop Wilson [1698-1755].

Peele Castle June yo 11th instant. The within Petionr doth buinde her selfe in three pound fine for ye use of ye R. Honoble Lord yt shee will pforme according to Law as witness her mark ye date above written.

Jane Looney my x

before me, Jon Stevenson.

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