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Document No. 44.



To the Revd. Mr. Matths. Curghey Vicar Genll &c.

The Humble Petition of Edmund Corlet of the Town of Ramsey.


That your Petr to his great Sorrow and Remorse had the unhappiness to have a falling out with his neighbour Jane the wife of John Johnston of the sd Town And in the Highth of passion (as also being some what concerned in Liquor) had the misfortune to meet with the sd Jane Johnston on the 3d of March last, and some hastety words and provocations happening between them which moved your petr to utter some Expressions (as certain persons then present have proved) which have brought him under the Limitts of Slandering or defaming the sd Jane Johnston As also that his sd Expres-sions were in part a Revival of a Slander formerly uttered by Mr. Wm. Betty agt the sd Jane Johnston; as by sd Jane's and her Husband's petition, to that End is intimated, tho' your petr in truth was an entire stranger there-unto Your Revce has been pleased therefore to order your petr to be Comitted 40 Days in St. German's Prison and before Releasemt to give Bonds of £3 ad usum Dni to do publick Penance in the parish Church of KK Maughold acknowledging his offence and asking solemn forgiveness of the Injured party and before Releasemt to pay all fees and his fine to be considered As by your Revce's sd order Dated the_ 26th March 1756 may appear As your Petr was not guilty of such undecent Expressions or Enormities thro' any premeditated malice, but as the same happened thro' the Ilighth of passion when he was intoxicated with Liquor and his chief dependance being on the Herring fishing wch now begettinge, he therefore relyeth on your Revce's Compassion and Clemency And being now in the Custody of the Law for Confinement.

He most humbly supplicates and Implores your Revce that his Enlargmt out of Prison may be granted. He faithfully promising never to be guilty of the like offence again. And your pets for your Revce's Eternal happiness shall for ever pray &c.

Capt. Murrey - The Granting the Petr.s Enlargment from Confinement is referrd to my Brothr Vicr Genl. Radcliffe, on account of having readier recourse to him who upon your Certificate of real Confinement for some time, & in Consideration of the petrs Circumstances, will, I presume, allow the same.

Matths. Curghey.

Lezayre Sept 21. 1756.

The Petionr is in Custodie. - Jno. Murray. 22d Septr 1756. - For the reasons set forth in the within petition the petitionrs Enlargemt is Granted upon his giving Bonds to perform his Censure.

Ro : Radcliffe.

Wee Gilbert Gell & James Crane of Peele Do becom bound in the sum of Three pound That Edmund Corlet the within Petitionr shall perform Church Censure As Witness our hands at Peele this 22 Septemr 1756.

Gilbert Gell his x mark.
James Crain his x mark.

Taken p Jno Murray D. Constable.

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