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Insula Monae. Whereas John Quaile of the parish of KK Xt lezaire was for his uniust detinue of ye Bops rights for severall years last past, as also for ye undue with-holding of ye ministers salary of the said parish Church; and more especially for his neglect of repairing ye respective chancells of his foresaid parish Church of KK Christ leaire and of KK Marown to which hee amongst others stands obliged by vertue of a petended lease under colour whereof (after severall monitions & iniunctions to ye contrary) hee being lawfully concerned, and con-demned, most contemptuously hitherto continued to intermadle with ye tythe which were seques-tred for some of the ends aforesaid, and for other misdemeanours, and high and multiplyed contumacies, been according unto law ordered to be committed unto the Bops prison in Peel Castle, and after all gentler means used to reforme him yet refused to give all or any due obedience unto ye sentence and comittment of ye Consistory Court held at KK Michael Church upon ye 13th day of May 1678, untill ye force of the Secular arme (desired in that behalfe) dial bring him into ye said prison upon ye foresaid account. These are therefore to require and authorize William Gell keeper of the Bops prison aforesaid, to detaine and keep in ye said Bops prison ye said prisoner & him not to release -out of ye same, untill bee shall have satisfyed yo said consistory Court by his penitent submission & plenary fulfilling of their said order, in all and every of ye pemises & taken his oath, or given in sufficient security that bee will obey ye law for ye future, and so behave himself e as that bee 'may deserve to have his Excomunication taken off : and also pay such fine unto the Honble Ld of this Isle, as by ye said Bop is imposd upon him, for his obstinate violation of his Lops lawes and ye constitutions of the Church and also pay ten shillings fees unto ye Soldiers who have been severall times imployed, but often resisted by him, about the Execution of the sentence of the said Courts whereof the one moity to witt five shillings is appointed to be paid unto ye said keeper who, thereout shall give one Groat to ye porter of the said Castle being his usuall fee, And for ye said keepers so doemg this shall be his Warrant Given under my hand at Bops Court this 29 day of June 1678.

Henric Sodorens

For William Gell Soulder and Keeper of the Bps: prison of KK German in Peele Castle. July 12, 1678.

Upon sight of this my Order you are to releas out of my Prison in KK German the body of John Quaile formerly committed thither for disobedience unto ye Ecclesiasticall law bee having engaged to be morigerous for the future Provided always that bee first discharge all due fees to ye Soldiers that brought him thither the keeper and Porter yt detayne him there by vertue of my Warrant and Comittment and for your so doeing this shall be your authority- and discharge f rom

Your Ordinary

Henric : Sodorens

These for William Gell keeper of my Prison in KK German.

The above signature is of Bishop Henry Bridgman (1671-1682).

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