From Liber Scacc., Rolls Office.

Document No. 39.

Jan. 10, 1660.


Examinacons taken in the difference betwixt Mr. Jo : Garrett & Tho : Kelly & partners concerning a pann, by us whose names are subscribed being sworne Jurors in the sd case.

ffirst we find & ‘tis confessed by the sd Kelly that Mr. Lowcay was to give him is 6d for the carriage of the foresd pann & some other goods to Duglas; ‘tis also confess’d by the sd Kelly & his company that the day they came from Castletowne was as faire as any Day came since.

And coming neere Langnose one of the company (the ablest sea man) would goe aboute the head [of Langness] , but Kelly, being both Mr & owner, sd they would goe wthn the rock called Skerane, wch, they attempting to doe, was forc’d by a violent tyde upon the rock.

And the sd pan being in the stern of the boate & loose, whereas they might have fastn’d it by one of the eares or both, slipp’d over board at wch time they also lost two of their oares (but found againe), & one of their men in hazard of being lost ; all wch we finde to be through their owne neglect.

Therefore our opinions is, and soe doe order, that they make satisffaction to the partie grived according as the worpfull Govr shall thinke fitt.

William Quaille
Rob : Forster
John Murrey
Richard Pendelbury
David Christian
Rob : Cowle : his marke x

This verdict was taken at an Admarall Court holden at Duglas the day & yeare aforesd before me

Ri : Calcott, Aqu bal: [Water Bailiff]

Henry Lowcay (d. 24 June 1700) was the first headmaster of Academic and Grammar schools at Castletown, appointed by Bp Barrow; also Chaplain at Castle Rushen, and later (1687 onwards) Rector of Ballaugh; he also appeared to own land in Douglas (Feltham notes a Thomas Lowcay buried in Chancel at Kk Braddan (24 June 1700) aged 72..

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