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At a Court held in Castletown, the 25th Oct 1699. Anne Cain, & Isabel Corkish having deposed in Court, that they are clear of charming, or Sorcery : It is ordered, that no manner of person (liable to Eccll. Jurisdiction) shall upbraid them, or their relacons therewith, under the penalty of 31. ad usum Dni 40 dayes imprisonmt & further punishmt at the Ordinary’s discretion. Dat ut supra.

Sam Watleworth.

Robert Parr.

Let this be publish’d, & Certificate return’d to the Records.

This above order was published before a full congregation in K Chrst Rushin Octob 29th, 1699, by me Jon Parr.

The same order was published in a ffull Congregation on the 5th of November 1699: by Sam: Robinsone. [K. Arbory.]

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