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To the hon. Cornelius Smelt, Lieut. Govr and Chancellor of this Isle etc.

The petition of the several Proprietors and Holders of Seats in Castletown Chapel whose Names are hereunto subscribed.

Sheweth. That a wish has for many years past been cherished by the Congregation of Castletown Chapel to have an Organ erected and employed in public worship, but which for want of a situation properly adapted for an organ and other discouraging circumstances has hitherto been frustrated.

That duly sensible of the great importance of sacred music which raises emotions of Joy in the mind of the Hearer, and fills it with great Conceptions, strengthening devotion, and advancing Praise into Rapture, inspiring Resolutions and producing actions tending to the Glory of God and the goodness of mankind, and that these purposes are most effectually answered when the most beautiful and sublime passages of Holy Writ set to the finest Music are heard outwardly in our Ears, and ingrafted inwardly in our hearts.

Your Petitioners have now in conjunction and with the approbation of the Revd. Mr. Brown, fixed upon a plan and situation for a Gallery and organ, which they intend carrying immediately into execution should it meet with your Honor’s approbation and patronage ; agreeing also with Collier That religious Harmony should be moving but noble withall; grave, solemn, and seraphic: fit for a martyr to hear or an angel to play.

Your Petitioners will take care to keep the style of the music chaste and pure suitable to the holy place and divine subjects. The light movements of the Theatre with the effeminate and frittered music of modern Italy shall be excluded, and the compositions of Handel and the best Masters will be chiefly used.

May it therefore please your Honor to allow and order such a sum out of the Fines and Amercements or any other Fund which your Honor may deem proper in Aid and support of purchasing an Organ and erecting a gallery in said Chapel, and which may in conjunction with the donations of your Petitioners enable them to carry their pious intentions into effect.

And having by your endeavours on earth thus aided and increased the praise and glory of God, your petitioners pray that you may hereafter join the angelic choir in Heaven, etc. etc. etc.

Joseph Brown Chaplain, John Taubman, John Quayle, Edward Cotteen, John Lucas

Wardens John Lace First Deemster, William Killey, Wm. Cuninghame, James Gelling Robert Kelly H.K., John Gelling ,Thos. Woods, Robt. Kelly, James Wilks Wm. Cain, Robt. Quayle, William Cubbon, Edwd. Gelling, Jas. Cumings.

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