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[fpc: this reads rather as though a personal memorandum put together by John Quayle CR - several items conflict with others - I suspect in some cases the supposed date has been misread - recr = Receiver, Comptr = Comptroller etc]

I find as followeth in these Yeares following:

1417. Sir Jo. Stanley Lord, Thurstan Tyldesley, Roger Hasprint, . . . Haking, Comissionrs. Jo : Clerke Demster onelie.

1417. p Rotul. Sir Jo. Stanley Domus [Lord] et ad Regalitat ejus 40, Jo Litherland Liuetente,

1428. In Rotul menibran prsent Henry Byron Liuetennte, Jo : Cote Comptr, Rankyne of Bolton Cler. Rotul.

1448. Roger Ashton Recr Mann, Wm Mylneton Comptr, Robt. Lethwartie Recr, Tho. ffletcher Steward.

{ The Comptroller was one of the Milntown Christians.]

1490. Comission : Tho. Earle of Derby, Lo. & Great Constable of England, Peeres Dutton Esquier, Sir Wm Wall and Sir James Molineux His Chaplains, Wm Cooke His Auditor, Henry Sale His Ryding Steward.

1495. Henry Nelson Recr, Tho : Crosse Const., Tho : Anderson Jur Steward.

1496. Don : Henry Ratclif Recr, Wm : Parre Comptr, Edmd. Lake Const (able), Jo: Moore Steward.

1498. In Rotul. Jo : Moore, Jo : Xpin [Christian] Demsters.

1500. Jo : Moore, Jo : Xpin Demsters.

1505. p. Comissrs. The Earle of Derby Lo(rd), Sr Jo : Ireland Knight, Sr Henry Halsall Steward of his House, Tho : Hesketh Esq’s, his Recr Genrall, Wm Cooke Auditor and Bartholomew Ffolke Comiss.

1505. Rotul. Rauffe Rushton Capt., Jo : Moore Deemster, Jo : Xpin Deemster, Wm Parre Comptr, pr Comiss app. eodem ac.

1505. Tho : Danport Capt., Tho : Norres, Edmd Corkill Deemsters. Jo : Stephenson Atturney.

1505. Ralf. Rushton Capt., John Abithell Recr, Tho : Crosse Const., Hugh Prescott Steward.

1506. Rauffe Rushton Deput. and Wm Parre Comptr were Comissionrs to Tho. Earle of Derby for the setting of the temporall Lands etc. of Kirk Chri. Ayre and Kk Marowne to Henry Prior of Whithorne and the Convent. P. Liber Epis.

1508. Rauffe Rushton Capt., Jo : Moore Deemster.

1511. Sr Jo : Ireland Liuetennte, Tho : Norres, Jo : Xpin Deemsters.

1516. Sr Jo : Ireland Lieutennte, Tho : Norres, Jo : Xpin Demsters.

1517. Rauffe Rushton Capt., Thoms Norres, Jo: Xpin Deemsters. Henry Gawen Atturney.

1517. Peele. Robt. Bithell Recr, Jo : Lathom Const, Lawrence Kighley Steward.

1517. Robt. Abithell Recr, Jo : Lathom Const., Lawrence Kighley Steward.

1518. In Rotul cur. Jo : ffasakerley Liuetennte. [FPC This I think is a misreading for 1418 - John Fasakerley is noted as having this office about c.1428]

1520. Rauffe Rushton Deput., Tho. Norres Demster, Gilbert ffayle Atturney.

1522. Et anno Reg. Henric oct. 13. Andrew Windsor Knight, Jo : Hale Comission pr Reg. upud Hawarden. Jo : Ireland Liuetennte, Robt. Calcot Recr Castr, Wm. Parre Comptr et Cl. Rotul. In Minorit Edw. Comit Derbie.
Note: Bishop. Abot, Tho. Ratcliff.

1526. Tho. Danport Capt., Tho : Norres, Edmd. Corkill Demsters. Jo : Stevenson Atturney.

1526. Ric Holt Liuetennte, Robt Calcot Recr, Wm Parre Comptr, Hugh Blackburne Const(able), Raynold Lucas Steward.

1528. Robt : Calcot Recr, Wm : Parre Comptr, Hugh Blackburne Cnst(able), Raynold Lucas Steward.

1527. Peele. Tho : Danport Capt., Robt. Bithell Recr.

1527. Ric Holt Lieutente, Tho : Norres, Edmd: Corkill Demsters. Jo : Stevenson Atturney.

1527. Henry Stanley Capt., Tho : Samsbury, Jo : Lucas Demsters.

1532. Edw Erle of Derby, Tho. Shirburne Esq. Liuetennte, Thurstan Tyldsley his Recr Genrall, Morgan Johnes his auditr, Jo: ffleming Capten of Man, Tho. Tyldsley Water Baliff, Ro. Calcot Recr Castle, Pers Andersen Recr Peele, Jo : Gardiner Comptr, Edm. Corkill Deemster, John Lord Bishop, Tho. Abbote, Sr Ewan Nores, Sr Jo. Corkill, Sr James Clarke, Sr Wm Ynce. All these sealed Indentures for prbacons of Wills etc.

1531. Edw. Comes, Tho. Bradley Deput Lieutennt, Edmd Corkill Deemster, Reginald Crosse Atturney.

1532. Tho. Bradley Deput. Liuetennte, Robt. Calcott Recr, Jo. Gardin’~ Comptr, Hugh Blackburne Const(able), Raynold Lucas Steward.

1534. Peele. Jo. fflemin Captn, Wm Ashton Recr, Tho. Tyldesley Water Balff, Roger Thompson Const(able), Tho. Anderson Steward.

1535. Tho : Bradley Deput. Liuetent, Edmd Corkill Tho. Samsbury Demsters, Reginald Crosse Atturney.

1536. George Stanley Capt., Henry Tetlowe Rec’ Castle, Tho. Samsbury Demster, Reginald Crosse Atturney.

1536. Peele. Tho. Nores Liuetennte, Wm Ashton Recr, Jo. Parre Comptr, Tho. Tyldsley Water Balff, Ric Haleywell Const., Tho. Anderson Steward.

1537. In Rotul cur. Tho. Nores Liuetent, Edmd : Corkill, Tho : Samsbury Demsters.

1538. Tho. Norres Leutennt, Robt. Calcot Recr [Rushen] , Jo. Gardner Compt’~, Lawrence Keighley Steward, Raynold Lucas Const.

1538. Robt. Calcott Deput. Liuetent, Edmd: Corkill, Tho : Samsbury Demsters, Reginald Crosse Atturney, Raynold Lucas Const.

1539. Tho. Nores Liuetent, Edmd. Corkill, Tho: Samsbury Demsters, Reginald Crosse Atturney.

1541. Gilbt. Parre, Robt : Birkend and Tho: Tyldsley Comissrs. Jo : Potter Deput, Tho : Samsbury Demster.

1543. Et ad Regr Henric Oct 34. Tho. Tyldsley Water Balff, Robt. Calcot Recr, Tho: Samsbury Demster, Reginald Crosse Atturney.

1545. Et ad Regr Henr octavi 36. Mr. Wm Stanley Capt., Henry Tetlowe Rec , Tho: Sansbury, Jo : Lucas Demsters.

1552. Henry Stanley Esquire Capt., Tho: Samsbury, Jo : Lucas Demsters.

Note 1561. Richard Sherburne Knight, Gilbert Parr, Hugh Diconson, William Stopforth, Alexander Rigby, Comrs to Edward Earl of Derby.

[? The second son of Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst, born 1546, was appointed Captain of IoM c. 1578, moved there with first wife who died 1591, same year as his father (had 5 children + a illegitimate daughter - he moved back to Stoneyhurst, remarried 1611 (moved body of 1st wife back to Stonyhurst, a recusant Catholic]

1570. Edw. Tarbocke Capt., Jo : Lucas, Hugh Clarke Demsters.

[Copied from an original document in the possession of Rev. D. Quayle, MA., of Bridge House, Castletown, by William Cubbon, April 20, 1915.]

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