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The fourth article is observed in all points, accordinge to the ordinance of the Church of England, but the changes of the languaghe for the understandinge of or countrie people.

It. the sevent wee doe answeare to this that soe far as wee doe knowe none weare married without lycence or bannes askeinge, excepteinge one Edmond Crowe and Jaine Crosse.

... the box for the poore we doe not use for they doe come to or houses and recaive their almes there.

3 It. wee doe answear to the 3 thus, that it is well used For Ayle houses, and schooles.

As for Spittilos wee doe use none in or pish or countrie, and for the rest wee heare of noe complaints . .

5. To the 5 wee answeare thus that wee have none in or pish that . . . talke, or sleepe in the church . . .

8. It. the 8, wee doe Answeare thus that wee knowe none in or pish that hath abused or. drawen weppones in the church or church-yard, ether day or night, nether doe we knowe any that dooth p’faine the Saboath. . .

9 It. wee doe answeare to the 9 thus that there are noe beare or bulbatinges used in or pish nor yett in the Countrie, nor no unlawful pastimes, to the hynderance of Divine service; but at St. Ioyns tyme the whole Countrie doe use to bourne Candles at the Chapple, as for the rest wee knowe of none.

The marginal note following, in italics, is written in another hand, probably that of Bishop Foster.

An Iniuntion Puplique to bee Published throughout ye wholle Islande to curse & restrayne this Superstition.

St. John’s Day (24th June, OS.) was Mid-summer Day. The above paragraph throws a llght upon the divination customs indulged in on St. John’s Eve. The ‘ Chapple’ was probably the Cabbal Ballameanagh, in Glen Aldyn.

11 . It. wee doe Answeare the xi thus that or Vic. Generall by the commen reporte of divers in the Pish haith oppressed in takeinge too much monie of them, and will have the poore people suspended for ijd. There is one Tomes Gayle who hath not receaived the Communion nowe for the space of three yeares and besydes he is suspended and excommunicated beinge a verie poore man.

12 It. wee doe accordinge to or oathes Answeare to the xii Article that one William Caisment and Gennett ffoster by the common report of divers that they have had carnall dealinges the one wth the other . . . . alsoe we doe heare a common reporte of William Standish and Ellinor Woods that they are suspected to have dealinges the one with the other whether it bee true or noe we cannot well tell as for Drounkers we have non in or Pish nor swearers nor yet pfaners.

The said Wm Standish and Ellin Woods have [put] themselves upon oath from the said scandalous imputacon before the right Reverend Father the Lord Bopp of this Isle the xith of August 1634.

Wee doe p’sent these follow[ing] because they have taken more room in the church than was allotted to them : Nicholas Carrain, Wm. Kissaige, Ewan Crow, Wm. Standish.

There is a Bybill and a Communion booke wantinge : the reason is that manie of the pishioners is behind of . . . monie : tieth was laid upon them by the churchwardens.

Edmund Crow and Margrett Kinry psented for liveinge together as man and weif.

The Chapter Quest presented these for the church-yard . . . Wm Crowe, Jno Cowle, Wm. Co , Wm Kneall, ffinlow Cotter, Jo: Garrett.


Churchwardens, viz.:

Edmond Gill ( ?) Mullen Smeare John Cotter ( ?) Balla Cottier.

John Mac yl Carain Close Vark and Cloddagh.

Edmond Curghie in England

Donald Garrett (name crossed out).

The Sydesmen: John Garrett [ ? Aust], Thomas Christian, ffinlow Calie, Wm. Calister.

The Chapter Queste:

Hu : Curghie ( ?) Baldroma

Jo : Quayle Ballaskella

Wm : Crowe Garey & Narymore

Nicholas Corlett Loughan y Yeij.

Note : The Vicar of Kirk Christ Lezayre in 1634 was Edward Crowe (1624-1640). He was followed by John Standish, son of William Standish.


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