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KIRK BRIDE [ ?] A Fragment.

Wee desyre to knowe from yor Lordshipp who is to maintaine [the] pish with bread and wyne for the three tyms or how long . .

the Proctors is to maintaine bread and wyne for as an[tiently] wee were wonte to doe . .

Moreover wee desyre to know how far from the church wee must goe for the clarke when the sicke is to be visited, or whether the minister is to visit the sicke wthout the clarke.

Wee the sworne men have hereunto subscribed our names:

Wm : Quarke( ?) ‘Ballaquark Wm : Christine( ?) Ballakeij.
Patr : Cowle ( ?) Grenaby. John Cotter( ?) Renneash
Patr : Joughen(?) Ballakewish. Jo : Christian (?) Ballacallow.
Donald Lace ( ?) Kerrowdhoo. John Corlet.

Delivered in by Patricke Cowle one of the churchwardens.



It[em] : [We answer] that the Clarke doth not keepe the Church fe . . . likwise doth not doe his dutie in attending other Church [services] as Baptisme, buriall and such like, nether is the Bell [rung] before Prayers as ought to bee.

It[em] : the chancell windows brocken and out off repayre, . . . doore likwise, nether doth the Parson keepe any house in . . . . nor pforme any other thinge thereto belonginge.

Wee have noe more att this tyme but what is in this.

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