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Memorand. Apr. 22. 1708.

In this Bagg there is 8611 : 12s : 08½ which sum is paid by the General Sumner out of the late Lords Effects, His Lordp being so much indebted to the Church by Orders under His own Hand & Seal now upon Record;

wch sum is to be laid out in Pious uses, or for the service of the Church.

86 :12 : 8

More from Mr. Archdeacon

3 :00 :00.

Wattleworth towards a Bell for K. Patrick by ye hands of Mr. Walker

89 : 12 : 8

Aug. 17th. 1708.

Taken out of this Moneys 51l : 00s : 00d. which I gave to Mr. Ross for his great trouble in defending the Estate of Hango Hill. T.S.M.

More taken out to repurchase the Petty School House in Castletown, wch. was sold wn. ye Old Chappel was turn'd into a School, the sum of 211 : 19s : 00 wch sum was paid to Mr. Tho. Looney as p Receipt &c.

More paid unto - Shimmin for Altering the Free School &c. in Castletowne 12s : 07d. And for lime for the Cathedral 5s. And to Dawson for work done at the Cathedral as p Receipt 8s. 6d. In all 111. 6s. Od.

July 23. 1710.

Also taken out of this Bagg the sum of 2011 & delivered to Mr. Walker to be laid out on Timber & Lathes &c. in my absence for the Church of St. Patricks. T. Sod. & Man.

In all 2911 so remains in the Bagg 5711. 7s. 8d. this 25th of July, 1710.

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