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To all Christian people to whom this present writeing shall come, to be heard read, or understood, I Isaac, Lord Bishop of the Isle of Man, send greeting in our Lord God everlasting. Know ye that I the Bpp for divers good causes and consideracons me moveing, but especially for & in consideracon of the good affection I bear to this whole Isle in generall, wch I know no better way to express then in promoteing & advancing Learning therein, by wh may grow able Orthodox and pious Ministers to serve in this Church, to the glory of God & the good of his people, I have given, granted & assigned, and by these p'sents doe give, grant and assigne, the sum of twenty Pounds by the year, due & ariseing to me out of the profits of Ballagilly & Hango Hill scituate in the parish of Kk Malew in the said Isle from Jon Norris Ensigne of Castle Rushen, and his heirs, Execrs Admrs & Assignes for ever . . . unto & towards the maintenance & education of two Scholars, att the University or Colledge of Dublin, wch two Scholars are to be appointed by my selfe dureing my life, from the Free Schoole of Castle Towne, or whereso-ever it shall be in the Island, who I resolve shall be of the Ablest Scholars & most Capable for the service of the Ministry. . . . And after my Decease to be of the ablest scholars, likewise of that school approv'd of by my ffeofees in trust or Trustees here after expressed, wch said two Scholars I hereby appoint to receive the sum of Twenty Pounds equally betwixt then. (or for one, Ten Pounds when there is not another ffitt) towards their maintainance at the sd University or Colledge, for the terme and space of five years supposeing they continue, Civil, Studious & Industrious, to fitt themselves for the service intended, and not otherwise, allways provided that the sd two Scholars shall give in Bonds wth security that at the end of the five years, or when they leave the sd Collegde, or University (unless they be called to supply the p'sent necessitys of the Churches of the Isle in the mean time) to returne if required by the Bishop or Trustees to serve their country; or in case of better prefermt elsewhere they shall neglect to returne, that then & in such case such as shall so fail, to make full satisfaction for so much money as by them recd out of this guift dureing the sd five years.

And that this my gift may goe on, and succeed to all ages, I hereby nominate and appoint as ffeofees in trust or Trustees after my decease the Right Revd ye Lord Bpp, the Archdeacon, or in their absence the Vicars Genll and the Officiall, and four more of the cheif Temporall officers of this Isle, whereof the Govr. to be allways one for the time being. . .

Desireing the Allmighty to give a blessing to the same, willing that this my act may be kept upon Record for satisfaction to posterity.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and fixed my seal this seventh day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred sixty and eight.

Isaac Sodor & Man.

Signed Sealed and delivered in the p'sence of us

Henry Nowell
Ricd. Stevenson
Ricd. Tyldesley
Tho. Norris

The aforewritten Deed is thus left upon Record at the appointment of the Ld. Bpp for its better safety & preservation for the future.

Richd. Tyldesley.

Cler. Rot.

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