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To the Revrend Parson Harrison, Sr Patr: Thompson & Sr Tho: Parr Viccars genrll of this Isle.

The humble Peticon of John Moore.

Sheweth, That whereas yo,' Pet, matched his daughter wth Cud : Prescott Porter of Castle Rushen, & gave half of all yt he & his wife had in the world in Contraccon Bargane, & yet since their marridge he will not cohabit with yor Petrs Daughter but keeping from her, as though hee had noe wife, nor allowinge any thing to her, towards her Mantenance

Therefore he humbly desires that the sd Cud: Prescott bee ordered to live with his sd Wife as he ought to doe. otherwise yt hee may bee punished accordinge to Law, and hee, as bound, shall ever pray etc.

June ye 9th 1671. The Right Worspl. Dept Govenors pmission first pcured (because the offender is a garrison man) the Sumn, is to commit him the sd Prescott into St Germ Prisson & there continue untill hee give Bonds in penaltie of 101. ad usum dom, to cohabit with his wife and use her in all respects as becometh, And if the Sumnr be disobeyed, hee is to crave the assistance of a souldier from Capt. ffox.

Joh : Harrison. Pa: Thompson.

July ye 3th 1671.

'Cuthbert Prescott hath this day bound himself in the within penaltie of 101i Sterl ad usu Dom that hee will imediatly betake himself to his wife, & exercise the pte or duty of a loveinge husband towards her, as well by frequent cohabitting wt' her, as in all other incumbent obligations in all points according to the Tenor of the within order.

Cuthbert Prescott his marke -}-This is to be recorded, being witnessed by Us Hen. Nowell. Pa: Thompson. Rich. Stevenson. Tho : Parre. Tho : Norris.

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