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[Petition of Wm. Tyldesley]

To the Rt Revd Thomas Lord Bishop of this Isle.

The humble Peticon of Wm. Tyldesley. Submissively showing that your Lordship's Petition stands committed in St German's in obedience to the Order of Court, and hopes that hereafter his own and his wife's behaviour shall not give such occasions of scandal and offence, and if Your Lordship shall order both their appearance in order to hear and compose their differences, your pet' is ready to observe such orders.

And therefore he humbly requests that Your Lordship may please to grant his Releasmt wch will oblige the petr to pray etc.

The Petrcame to prison on Thursday but could not get into the Castle till yesterday morning, and is since confined, this is certif y'd by me. Jon : Stevenson. Jan: ye 11th 1717/8.

The following judgment is in Bishop Wilson's own characteristic script :-

The Petitioner having given very great occa-sion of scandal both by his intemperance and ill behaviour towards his wife, & family; And having hitherto despis'd all the wholesome Admonitions that have been given him for his soul's Health; you are therefore now to take His Bond, with security, of 311 in Usum Dom. that he will for the future obstain from Drunkeness, Tippling and scandalous company keeping, wch have been the Occasion of all his misfortunes assuring him yt his Bonds shall be Return'd upon the First Presentmt that shall be made of his continuing his Irregular way of Living; and if this method will not prevail with him to begin a New cours of Life, he may be Assur'd of it, we shall be oblig'd to proceed to a Censure of another Nature, wch will make his Heart to tremble, if he has any sense of conscience left, or fear of Future Punishmt. Jan. 11. 1717.

Tho. Sodor & Man.

To the Constable of Peel who is desir'd to send these Bonds to ye Episc. Records & to Release the Petitionr.

Know all men by these psents yt I Anne Stevenson of Largadooe in KK German doe hereby binde my Selfe in three pound ffine to ye Rt. Honoble Ld of this Isle yt Wm. Tyldesley will pforme as ye Reference to ye Petconr doth Specefye as Wittness my Name this 15 Day of Janry 1717/18.

Anne : Stevenson. Before me Jon. Stevenson.

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