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Examinacons taken the 15. Octr1706.

Jony Nelson als Kinish sworn & examined, deposeth and saith that about Lammas last, she saw John Cottier of Kk. Xt Rushin & Isabel Gawn als Corkish at variance in the ffield where they were reaping corn, & heard him call the sd Isabel Gawn the Daughter of an old sorceress who used charms, & further saith not.

Jony Nelson her mrk.

Tho : Nelson sworn & examined, deposes that he was prsent at the same time, but remembers not any of the words spoken by them.

Tho : Nelson his mrk

Jurat. coram me S. Woods.

NIargt. Lowey being about to take her oath was hindered by the sd. Jo : Cottier.

Jo : Cottier, at the same time, said he had reason to say the above words, for he had a horse worth 511 dyed, after he stopped the said Isabel Gawn from going to BallaKneal.

Nov" 5. 1706.

Marg'. Lowey sworn and examined, sayes, yt the above Jo : Cottier called Isabel Gawn affd. Ben Kalliagh ny bishag, & Ben Kalliagh ny Olussyn*, & that she thought to have the Increas of BallaKneal there, as she had the year before, yt she was worse than a Witch.

Margt. Lowey-

The word ` Ben' in italics is crossed out.

At Castletown, Novr 5th 1706.

The affd. Jo : Cottier is ordered to be confined to St. German's prison for a week, & before his inlargment to give in Security to doe Penance the Lords day next ensueing, ask the within Isabel Gawn forgiveness, & (laying his finger on mouth) shall say, Tongue, thou hast lyed : & publication to be made that no person shall upbraid her hereafter with the afforesd. Slandr sub paena 311 ad usum Dni. 40 dayes imprisonmt & further punishment at the Ordinary's [the Bishop's] discretion.

*Caillagh ny Gueshag = a contemptible fortune teller. (Kelly's Dict. p. 36.)
Caillagh ny Oalyssyn = a contemptible old witch. (Kelly, p. 143.)


Robert Pãrr. Jon Curghy.

To the Sum" of Kk Xt Rushin this to Execute.

The said John Cottier all fees.

To the Reverend Ffather in God Tho: by divine permission Lord Bishop of Sodor & Mann.

The humble petition of Issabell Gawne of Rushin.

Sheweth, That one Jo : Cottier a neibour is lately Censured by the Eccll Court to imprisonmt Penance & as by ye Order appears, yet nevertheless since ye sdy Censure he has not ceased to upbraid yor petr with ye same blander for wch he was censured. & did not only refuse to pay all fees. but upon Sunday last wn he came to make penance he used himselfe very contemptuous & contumelious upbraiding her openly before Congregation & saying many words not becoming him. in that place neither did he in any respect fullfill ye Ordr as the minister may declare

Therefore she humbly craves yor Lp to informe yor selfe by the minister and to right yor petnr & she as in duty bound shall ever pray etc.

The truth of this Petition being certified to our Rt Reverend Lord Bishop, his Lordp ordered that the sd Jo : Cottier should be com-mitted to St. German's prison, there to remain, till he give in sufficient security to perform the Censure injoyned him the 5th of Novembr last, & pay all flees. And if he does not perform his penance humbly & decently, the 1\,Iinister & Churchwardens are to certify, that the fine may be return'd to the Temporal Records.

Dat. 4 March 1706.

J. Woods Regrius Ep. March ye 17th 1706/7.

Then ye within Jon Cottier (by ye within Issabell Gawne her consent) did kneele in humble manner before ye whole Congregation & did very submissively acknowledge he had offended & belyed ye sd Issabell putting his Finger upon

his Mouth, whereupon ye sd Issabell forgave him upon his Request : & this is certyfyed by us. Tho : Christian [the Vicar].

P[arish] Wardens:

Rich Taylor my mark
Jon Waterson his mark -
Jon Madrell my mark

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