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An answer (in breefe) to everie pticular Question as neere to or knowledg, as wee can conceive to the contents, and intent, hereof

Inprimis, to the first Article, wee say, It is by or Incombant, or minister, duly observed in everie pticular, mentioned, publicke preachinge onely excepted.

2. To the 2 wee answer, ther is noe preachers within or Chardge. and therfor wee knowe not how or what lycence they have.

3. To the 3 wee say, ther is not, nor hath not beene in any of ortymes, such, nor the like, unlawfull lectures, or Idolletrous exercises used.

4. To the 4 wee say, it is all duly observed, in everie pticular therin mentioned whatsomever.

5. To the 5 we likewise answer, it is in everie pticular observed accordingly.

6. To the 6 wee say- ther hath beene noe such unlawfull admittance used within orchardge and for the Comunion, it is used at Easter, and alsoe at Whitsontyd, and as offt els as necessitie of sicknesse doth require

7. To the 7, wee answer, we know- non married in or chardge within the tyme p fixed, wthout law full banes or licence.

8. To the 8. wee say ther is non such wthin our Chardg.

9. To the 9 wee say, it is duly observed in everie pticular therin mentioned, according as the lawes of God and the Church doth require.

10. To the 10: we answer the 5 of November is duly observed, for divine service, in praise of the King's deliverance.

11. To the 11, wee say, wee know noe Incumbent or Curatt wth or chardge that gott his place or meanes by unlawfull way of Simonie.

12. To the 12, wee say the mansion or church house is keept in sufficient repaire.

13. To the 13 wee say wee are uncertaine of such, or the like, unlawfull pceedings, by the Vicr Generall or any other Spirituall officer, onely any p[ar]tie agreeved will make his complaint for himselfe.

14. To the 14 wee say wee have noe booke of Canons wthin or pish or chardge.

15. To the 15 wee say ther is all ornaments for the Church services fitting and usuall : only the ten Commandments in table sett downe, or a boxe in the church for the poore, hath not beene used in this Isle.

16. To the 16 wee say, it is in everie p ticular decently and orderly mantained.

17. To the 17 we answer ther is noe almes houses of purposse within or chardge : neither is neclect in the payment of pensions, to the knowledge of any of us.

18. To the 18: wee say- ther is noe such unlawfull p ctice used, as baptizem in houses or basones : and noe p son man or woman of the age of 16 yeares, but that doe duely comunicat and alsoe that the youths of the pish, at the usuall tyme of the yeare doe catichize.

19. To the 19 wee say, ther is noe such unreverend behaivour used within or church or chardge hitherto, either in tyme of devine service or sacrament.

20. To the 20 wee say ther is noe such irreligiouse pctice used by any within or chardge neither scolemaster that teacheth without licence.

21. To the 21 wee answer ther is noe neclect within or chardg in any p ticular therein men-tioned.

22. To the 22 wee say ther is noe such p phenation within or chardge observed.

23. To the 23 wee likewise answer or chardge to be free from such or the like p phanation.

24. To the 24 wee answer ther is noe such unlawfull games or pastimes used in or chardge upon the Saboath.

25. To the 25 wee say ther is a Register booke with a coffer a locke and a keye.

26. To the 26 wee say we know noe unlawfull fees or money by the Vicr generall or Spirituall officers taken.

27. To the 27 wee answer ther is noe such offenders (to or knowledge) within or chardge.

28. To the 28 wee say, wee know noe such neclect by the Vicr generall or any els wherein it doth concerne, in or knowledge.

29. To the 29 wee say there is noe neclect in the pointe herin mentioned, and that the old warddens doe give accompts to the new accordingly.

30. To the 30 wee say, wee know non such as have any way intermeddled with the dead's goods without form and due course of law.

31. To the 31 wee say wee, to our knowledge noe such neclect or offence hath beene within or chardge, onely what comutations hath been taken by the Vicr Generall, wch to himselfe is best knowen how bestowed.

32. To the last, wee say and answer, wee doe not know of any crimenall offence contrarie to the laves of God and the Canons, but what usually and generally is prsented by the Chapter Ouest and orselves, as the occation of the offence is observed.


Richard Qualterough [of Douglas].
John Craine [of Balla ny Cleybane].
Willm Cloage [of Awhallan]. .
Robt. Creer.

Four Sydmen

Paule Gelline [of Castleward].
Donald Leaine [of Balliargey].
John Kewley [of Ballanard].
Tho : Joyner.

The answer to the last Articles in briefe All thinges remaine in the former order which is specified in the answere to the Articles, wch was given out the last yeare : unto they be redressed by your Lordshippe grave advise:

They complaine yt they have not service in. due tyme of day.

They present yt Willm Kellie doth keepe a woman in his house wch he hath a child by.

The three paragraphs above are written by a different hand.

NOTE: The Vicar of Kirk Braddan when Bishop Foster was here was the Rev. Patrick Thompson, who was appointed in 1633 and died in 1691, aged 83. Many of our readers will have seen his memorial slab erected at the south door, the lettering upon which shows that the Vicar put up the stone sixteen years before his death. The Vicar, who belonged to an old Manx family mentioned in the Manorial Roll of 1515, was a man of independent character, and appeared in several courts with a view to preserving the rights and privileges of the parish church.

Many of the Records from the other Parishes, made in response to Bishop Foster's enquiries, are, on account of their fragile and broken condition, too difficult to transcribe. In the next issue of the JOURNAL it may be possible to make something of the fragments relating, it is thought, to the parishes of Kirk Bride, Kirk Christ Lezayre and Kirk Marown.

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