[From the Castle Rushen Papers]

Document No. 20.


1/- per Annum.

Insula Monae.

I doe hereby sett and lett unto parson John Cosnahan of Kk Santan the fresh water fishing of the River of Kk Santan afforded from the mountain to the low water mark to use and enjoy ye same as heretofore acustomed from time to time and at all times dureing pleasure paying yearly and every year he shall so enjoy ye same the Rent of one shilling at the feast of St. Michell the ArchAngel and to comence from the day of the date hereof. Given under my hand this 26th January, 1693.


John Cosnahan was Vicar of Kirk Santan thirty-four years. He died aged 56 years 'and was buried in his father's and grandfather's grave, under the Great Stone in the yard.'

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