From the Diocesan Registry.

Document No. 17. 1762.


To the Revd. Mr Radcliffe Vicr Genll.

The humble petition of John Keig of the town of Douglas humbly sheweth:

That yr petr stands confin'd in St. German's prison, by a censure Issued out against him for having a fiddler musick in his house on an unlawfull hour of the Sabbath night. yr petr begs leave to assure yr Reverence that it there was any such thing as a fiddler musick in his house that night which was aledg'd to have him in, it was Quite contrary to his knowledge, by his not being at home. yet notwithstanding yr petnr has thought it most adviseable to comply to yr order altho the alegation was never provd against yr petr perswadeing himself that the Courts censure was grounded on a good design in order to stop breaches of that kind.

Yr petr therefore humbly beg that yr Reverence ...... be pleased to grant his releasement upon giving Bonds that he will perform what ever censure the revd Court has been pleased to inflict upon yor petr him, also promissing faithfully that there shall be no such disorder in his house if any such was, for the future. This granted, will engage yr petr to pray for yr Reverences health and happyness, etc.

[The words in italics are crossed out in the MS.]

Peel Jan. ye 21 1762. The Petitioner is in Custody. Wm. LIDDERDALE, Deputy Constable.

Jan. 21 1762. Upon the petitionrs giving Bonds of 3 ad Us[um] Dni to perform his Censure his Enlargemt is granted


Peel Janr 21 1762. We John Cannell and [W]m Kelly both of Kk Braddan [have] become bound in the Sum of 3 ad usum d[om]ini that John Keig of sd Parish performs his Censure as witness our Subscription.

John Cannel's Mark x Wm. Kelly's Mark x
Taken by Wm. Lidderdale, Deputy Constable.

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