From the Diocesan Registry.

Document No. 16. 1762.


To the Reverend Robt. Radcliff Vicar-General. The Humble Petition of John Cannell of Douglas sheweth:

That your Petitioner was Presented by the Wardens for Play in; on the fiddle Late on Saturday Night for which he is very sorry and as he did not Apprehend it was so Late and he now Stands Confined in Kk Germans for the Same he hopes your Reverence wil of your Wonted Goodness grant his Releasement and he as in duty bound wil for ever pray, &.c.

Peel Jan. ye 21 1762. The Petitioner is in Custody. WM LIDDERDALE, Deputy Constable.

Jan. 21 1762. Upon the petitionrs giving Bonds of 3 ad Usum Dni to perform his Censure his Enlargemt is granted.


Peel Janr ye 21 1762. We John Keig and Wm. Kelly both of Kk Braddan doe become bound in the Sum of 3 ad Usum Domini that John Cannel performs his Censure witness our Subscriptions.

John Keig's Mark x
Wm. Kelly's Mark x

Taken by Wm. Lidderdale, Deputy Constable. [John Keig, in whose house Cannell was playing, was also sent to St. German's Ecclesiastical Prison (though he pleaded ignorance of the offence being committed) and was released on the same terms as John Cannell.]

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