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Heereafter followeth under the hands of us the Church Wardens & Sydemen of the pish of Kk Michaell as answere to the articles exhibited to bee inquiered of in the first visitation of the right Revrend father in God William, by divyne pvidence Lord Bishoppe of this Isle of Man.

To the first Article. Wee answere that our Viccar hath beene and is a painefull preacher in his owne Cure, and genrally in other Cures throughout the whole Island; duly prayinge for the Kinge, Queene, Royall issue, and State, and in his absence his Curate doth Catechise the younger sorte.

To the 2nd. Wee answere, our Pastor was admitted to prach by the late Lo : Bop as may appeare by yor Lop's Spirituall Records, and we have no other preacher but himself.

7, the 3rd. Wee answere negatively.

To the 4th. Wee answere affirmatively.

To the 5th. Wee answere affirmatively.

To the 6th. Wee answere to the first pte:, that no such psons are admitted within or prsh and to the latter pte hereof wee say, all the pishion's of lawfull yeeres receave at Easter manie at Whitsantyde, at the beginninge of the new yeere, and at other tymes, as manie as will. and as oft as they will.

To the 7th. Wee answere negatively.

To the 8th. Wee answere our incumbent hath but one benefice.

To the 9th. Wee answere affirmatively.

To the 10th. Wee answere affirmatively.

To the 11th. Wee answere that our incumbent is free from all such scandalous offences and crimes.

To the 12th. Wee answere. wee have a viccaradge house.

To the 13th. Wee answere wee know not wheathr' anie of the sd spirituall Officers have suppressed or concealed any Eccall Censure,. neither dooe wee knowe of anie iniurie they have doone to anie; But wee John Woods James Mac Booy two of the Churchwardens doe fynd o'selves agreeved at the viccr genrall for some neglecte in his place where wth wee will acquainte yor Lop.

To tlir 14th. Wee answere, wee have no Constittrconis or Canons Eccall.

To the 15th. Wee answere, wee have two Surplicces, a Tablecloth, a Book of Common Prayer. wee have sent for a Large Bible, wee have a ionic, a fayre Communion Table, a Pulpit, a Comunion Cuppe, and the ten Comand-tnents uppon the Church wall, wch now is defaced, and we have no Boxe for the poore.

To the 16th. Wee say, they are out of repayre, but wee will use or best indeavrs to reforme and put them all in good Order.

To the 17th. Wee answere, wee nevr had any.

18th. This is answered in the 16th article.

To the 19th. Wee answere negatively.

To the 20th. Wee answere negatively.

To the 21th. Wee answere negatively.

To the 22th. Wee answere negatively.

To the 23th. Wee answere, we nevr had anie such.

To the 24th. Wee say, we have a Register ussly kept in a large Comunion Table with locke and key.

To the 25th. Wee say, wee doe not know them culpable in this Article.

To the 26th. Wee answere wee know soome such in o' pish, but they are prsented by the Chapter Quest to the Vicar Genrall, and wee know not whethr they bee punished or not.

To the 27th. Wee answere as before in the 26th.

To the 28th. Wee say, that this is duly observed, but the Clarke complaines that soome doe not pay him his due.

To the 29th. Wee say, wee know non culpable in this Article.

To the 30th. Wee answere negatively.

To the 30th (31st). Wee say, wee have no such offenders.

The Church Wardens names

John Wods
John Caine his m'ke
Donnold Caine his mrke
James mac Booy his mrke

The Syd men

John Cannell his mrke
Dollin Corlett his mrke
Wm Corlett his mrke
Wm. Cannell his mrke

Note : According to "Church Notes" of the Manx Society, Sir Hugh Cannell was Vicar from 1609 until his death. He was buried 25th February, 1670.

[Many of the Records from the other Parishes are, on account of their fragile and broken condition, very difficult to transcribe. It is hoped, however, that the records of Kirk Conchan, Kirk Malew, and Kirk Braddan will follow.]

Remarkable Signature Marks. Attention is called to the signatures on page: 34 and 37, showing the "marks" of the signatories. It will be noticed that in few cases only, is the ordinary cross-mark x used. " Marks of this description are, we are informed, seldom: found upon documents of this period. Several correspondents have, at our request, been asked to report upon them, and they all confirm the opinion that the marks are " unusual."

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