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The Answer [to the] Articles Ex [. . .] Reverend father in God Wllim by [divine permission] Lo: Bp of this Isle . . . . first Visitacon. To the Churchwardens and othr Fower Sidemen of St Germ Pish . . . Peele as followeth, by us whose names are subscribed.

1. Imp., we answer to ye first Article, that our minister is conformable in all the essentialls of ye same to ye ordinances of ye Church of England

2ly: Our minister was admitted to preach by ye Right Reverend fathr in God Georg Lloyd, then Lo : Bopp of Sodor, and so continueth from yt time to our comeforte, blessed bee ye Allmighty.

3ly: Our congregacon (blessed bee God) is free of scismes etc.

4ly: All things are downe wth us reverently orderlye.

5ly : Our minister is conformable.

6ly : None such are admitted to ye holy sacraments as is there intended to be excepted our pishoners doe at every Easter gennrlly receive ye comunion; but at other tymes (say) at Whitsondtide & Xptmas not all of them.

7ly: Wee have had no clandestine or un-licensed marriage.

8ly: Our minister hath no eccliall promotion more than one, and is still the resident pastor.

9ly : No defect in yt Article.

xly : We observe yt day with thanksgiving etc.

xjly : Our minister hath not his liveing or spirituall promotion eythr by Symonie or sinister meanes neythr is he faultye in ye rest yt concearnes his calleinge etc.

Minister's daughter sometymes selleth a suppe of ale, but yt hindreth not his powers nor dis-charges his callinge.

[Note : This paragraph is in another hand.]

xijly : Wee nevr hard in man's memorye say the mansion or Gleebe house in our pish xiijly : We doe not cle . . . . . or altogether hee . . . . ye Vicar Gennrl . . . for some saye they will

xiiijly : Our minister was in . . . hee & cannons accordinge to . . . .

For the Layetie.

15. All wants & defects shall bee psently supplied accor . . . wch

16. Our church is in reasonable repayre, & what wants shalbee likewise repayred psentlye, as well wthin ye church as wthout wth the churchyard ditch.

17. There was no such houses in our pish. 18. No such fault in our minister, neyther dothe hee baptize anye but in ye church. The younger sorte are slowe in comeing to bee catechized.

19. Such pphane psonns wee use to prsent etc.

20. No default.

21. This shalbee better lookt unto & such delinquents shalbee prsented.

22. Such pphaners are likewise comonly prsented by

23. This shalbee better lookt unto God willinge.

24. Pformed daylie.

25. Some doe complayne on ye Vicar Genrll.

26. All such have beene prsented to ye Vier Genrll & all or ye moste of them have comuted & donne pennance, & we know not of any other.

27. Wee answer as to ye Article before.

28. Such are suspended comonly ipso facto.

29. Wee finde one Patr Quarres noc such ptyes faulty e in that poynt. rte is therefore ill danger of the lawe.

[Note : The words in italics are crossed out.]

30. No such in our minister: wee acquits not ye vie" genrll.

31. No defalt blessed bee God. Geven by us the 18th August, 1634.

The Churchwardens

Wllim Stevenson
Wm. Crayne
Sillvest Tunman.
Rich. Hunten

The Sidemen

Pat Mkyll Christe
Pat Cowlle
Hugh Cavne
ffinloe Gell

Note on p. 26 of MS.: Ger:

Ye decease of Cath : Caine about 15 or 10 yeeres agoe. Tho : Gell about 25 or 26 yeeres agoe. The decease of Alice Hunter dyed about 35 yeere ago. I must looke for these.

[Note : William Cosnahan was Vicar 1621-1660, according to " Church Notes."]

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