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[1634. The Visitation of Bishop Foster]. ARBORIE.

Right Revrend and or eerie good Lo: or humble duties prformed.

Wee the Churchwardens and Sydmen whose names are hereunto subscribed doe to ye uttrmost of or knowledge answere to those articles inquired of us by yor Lop in this yor first visitacon being in Ano Dni 1634 as followeth.

1 : 2. To the first and second articles wee answere that or Viccr is noe preacher; but bee doth catecheze; bee hath not suffered any to preach wthout shewinge his license; and when theire is sermons they pray fr Kinge ; Queene ; and ther issue wth ye Councell & State.

3. To ye 3 article, viz : whether any lectures in or church or exercise in privett houses bee used in or pish : we answere yt there is noe such thinge used.

4 : 5. To ye 4 - 5 articles, viz : whethr Comen Praer be red revrendly and distinctly uppon Sondayes & holy dayes : ye sacramt revrently administred ; zealously received; the ministr weares a surplice and uses ye singe of ye Crose at baptisme : wee answere yt all these things are observed.

6 : 7. To ye 6 and 7 articles, viz : whether ye Viccr : hath admitted any to ye Comunion or to bee godfathr: or godmothr: at bapt: beinge suspended excomunicated ; or not haveinge satisfied ye lawe ; or any not instructed in ye principles of religion; also whether ye sacramt : hee receieved 3ce a yeare ; ye Viccr; married any since [and] wthout baynes askinge or license; due tyme & place observed. Wee answere yt all these are carefully observed saveinge yt ye pishonrs doe not recevve thrice a yeare.

8. To ye 8 article, viz : whether ye Viccr hath any ecctiall pmotes more than one; wee answere bee hath not [his lease excepted].

9. To ye 9 article viz: whethr ye Viccr doth carefully visite ye since: & attend ye corpes : . . . . wee answere hee doth [unlesse it fall out anciently].

10. To ye x article viz : whethr : ye 5 of [November] bee keept we answere it is usell cald; but ye people care not [the last five words are crossed out by the writer's pen].

11. To ye xith article viz : whethr : ye Viccr : hath obtained his benefice by simonie ; suspected of incontinence, gameinge : wee answere wee knowe noe such thinge by him; hee keept ayle ; but not nowe.

12. To ye xiith article viz : whethr : ye Viccr: doth rep [M.S. mutilated] we answere; hee doth.

13. To ye xiiith article, viz : whethr ye Viccr Genl church official have suppressd ye excomunicated of any Ecclesiasll censure or done any injurie to any man: we answere vt to or knowledge; wee knowe none in this pish

14. To ye xiiiith article, viz: whethr: ye ministr : Reed publiquely in ye church ye con-stitucons & canons Ecclall: wee answere vt we have noe such bookes ; y t ye ministr : may reede them.

For ye Laytie.

1. To ye first article viz: whethr: wee have in or church all ornamts for church service as ye Booke of Comon Prayer; a Large Bible; a comunion Cup: a Boxe for ye poore &c.: we answere yt all y e same wee have savinge a Boxe for ye poore ; & a Large Bible: for ye buyinge of wch we have money collected.

2. To ye iith article, viz : ‘whether ye church & chancell ; the churchyard hedge '& all within & a-thout ye church in good repaires ; wee answere all are in good repayre saveinge a locke wanting on ye chancell doore. [Tome given to repe ye ruins.]

["This reference to the repairs in another hand.] 3. To ye iiith article viz : whethr : any almes houses: wee answere yt theire is none of them heere.

4. To ye iiiith article, viz : whethr ye Viccr doth omitt to baptise in ye font; whethr theire bee any of ye age of xvth yeares vt rec : not ye comunion ; whethr : ye vouth doe come to ye church to learne theire Cateisme wee answere yt ye Viccr: doth baptise onely in ye font; & yt ye rest doe rec : Ye yongr sort repayre to ye church to learne theire Catcsime.

5. To ye 5 article, viz : whethr : any out of ye church doe talke walke, or sleepe in tyme of Divine service: wee answere yt their is none yt useth so to doe.

6. To ye vith article, viz : whethr : any doe wthdrowe the people from true religio any scholmr : keep schole wthout license: wee -in swere yt their are none such amongst us. 7. To ye viith article, viz : whethr : any ayle - houskeepr doe sell ayle in tyme of Devyne service: wee answere yt they doe not.

8. To ye viiith article, viz : whethr any doe chid, brawle, or fight, or drawe wepons in ye church or church yard: we answere yt theire are none yt doe ye like.

9. To ye viiiith article, viz : whethr : any pastymes bee used to ye hyndrance of Devine srvice ; ringinge of bells; worshippinge of crosses; & prayinge for ye dead: wee answere yt heretofore many have used dancinge on ye Sabath aftr : ye services; but have given it ovr nowe. [Saveing that some doth pray upon the graves.] [The last sentence is added by another hand.]

10. To ye xth whethr wee have a Register Book; wee answer wee have; also a Coffr but wth one locke.

11. To ye xi whether Chancellr, Viccr Genrall; officiall Registr or apparitr; or delay tyme : wee answere yt wee heer of noe such thinge.

12. To ye xiith viz : whether wee have wthin or pish any incesteous pson : wee answere none now in parish.

13. To ye xiiith article viz : whethr : any have harbord any woman gotten wth child; whethr : ye Viccr Genrll or any other have for sinister respects let them escape unpunished wee answere wee knowe of none.

14. To the xiiiith viz : whethr any doe deny to pay their taxacons & whethr ye church-wardens do give an accompt when they goe out of theere office: wee answere yt all such things bee done wth us.

15. To ye xvth, viz : whethr any doe meddle wth ye goods of any man desced [deceased] wth administrass from ye church wee answere yt wee knowe not of any such.

16. To ye xvith : whethr : any ministr hath receaved any wth a recog . . . . or comuted wth any offendr for his punishmt; wee answere yt wee find noe such thinge by our ministr.

17. To ye xviith & last wee answere as before vt wee knowe noe offendrs in this pish but have fully satisfied ye lawe.


The names of the Churchwardens

Tho : Wandy his marke
Tho : Corrine his mke
Willm : Keegge his mark
finlo Crigard his marke

The names of the Sydmen

William Tyldesley
Williame Clouge
William Cubun his marke
Harry Maddrell his marke

Delivered in by [these words struck out by the pen] . . Sent from Willm Clauge by one of the sydmen by the apparitor John Crigine.

Presentmts 1635.

Jo : Moore clacke [clerk] for harboringe one Margarett Crelinge gotten wth child; we knowe not wth whom. [cu Gilbt Karran, Abbey molene] [These words added later.]

Tho : Crigine cu Elline Chaginge Donnolt Costeane ; unpunished.

Wee also doe prsent yt there is Dances used on Sonday afternoone.

Likewyse or prishnors doe find them selves aggrived vt they have had noe Cisteninge of theyre childrene - this many yeares. Also their is marriggis done without lawes.

Note.-The name of the Vicar is not mentioned. Robert Norris is said to be Vicar from 1628 to 1650. The Presentments were added by another hand.


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