From the Diocesan Registry.

Document No. 9.

[Petition of Jo Kewne]

This document (No. 9) was attached to document No. 8, and for that reason, as also for its general interest, it is given a place in the Journal.

To ye right Worpull Mathew Cadwell Governor of this Isle.

The humble peticon of Jo: Kewne. Sheweth yt yor petisoner was at ye Milne to have his corne grund, and one Patric Calie came into ye Milne with a dart in his hand and soe many Horid threatening words, and duly ground . . . . or putt his corne by force upon yor peticors grist, wch hee ought not to doe in regard your peticrs corne was first in ye milne. as ye milner told ye sd Callie. Soe ye sd Patr Calie went home and sent his brother Robt. Calie who came into ye milne and would have ground by force likewise.

And ye milner to end ye controversie betwixt them went and estopt ye watter when hee found ye unreasonable dealeing of Callie wth yor petisoner. The watter being stopt Nor peticr did put his corne upon ye milne, as ye miller wished him to doe. Then Callie come to hinder yor petir from grinding and Calie doth allege that yor petr did give him a stroke with a crowe of iron wch [I] will refer to ye slanders by whether I did soe or not.

Yor peticor understands yt yr Worsp did grant yr token to Callie yt ye Coroner should. take ye examinacous of ye witnesses: but

Callie brought ye Lockeman to take ye examinacous of ye witnesses, and yt being done, ye lockeman prceive yt it was not sett downe according as ye watnesses had swore nor ye busines fullie examined wth nor sub-scribed to ye same: but went to aquaint ye Coroner with it: and ye sd Coroner wished Callie to bring ye witnesses before himselfe, which Calie utterly refused to doe.

Nowe he hath com by vertue of yr Worp's token to charge him to pay ye sourgeon ye some of 20s: yor peticr humbly sew it yt yor Worp will be pleased to stay ye pceedings until ye witnesses bee fullie examined and evidences taken on both sids: for yr peticr hath put in security to ye Coroner to satisfie any thing yt yor Worp or ye Court shall order him to doe for I have [suffered] more wrong from Calie than Calie did.

Note.-The only old mill in the parish of Kirk Christ, Rushen, is Kentraugh; the quarrel therefore must have been concerning Kentraugh. The Calie family probably gave the place-name " Cross-y-Caley."

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