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1634. The Visitation of Bishop Foster.

Note.-According to A. W. Moore's "Diocese of Sodor and Man," the connexion of Bishop William Foster with this diocese seems to have been confined to his having a Court in Douglas in October, 1634. His information is derived from Lib. Scacc." He was only Bishop from 1633 to 1635. He was buried in Cheshire in 1635.

In 1634 he sent out to the Clergy and Church-wardens of each parish a series of searching questions, under the title of "Bishop Foster's Visitation."


We whose names are hereunto written doth answeare to the articles as followeth-

1. To the first article we answeare a preacher we have not. but a distincte reader both in English and in Manske. our children are cathatized in there mother tongue as may appear and svice read in due tyme; yett certayne sermons we have: sundrye tymes in a yeare from our welbeloved Mr. viccar Cannell by his charitable devocsion. A prayere for kinge and queene and royall issue, duly observed.

2. To the second we answeare : yt we thinke our preachers are alowed bye the Bushope of Man: but wheter by the Archbushope of Yorke we cannot tell: for strangers we have none that preacheth in our Church: nor we need have of any.

3. To the third we answeare : that we have none such in our Church, or Pish, used as is specified in this article.

4. To the fourth we answeare : that comone prayers is read distinctly evrie Sonday and holy dayes : in due tyme : to our understanding, in our Church: the sacrament duely and reverendly administred : and zealously received.

5. In the fifth we answeare : yt our minister doyth weare surplise at tyme of comone prayers: at ministering the sacra ment, and at baptisme : and doyth signe the child wth the signe of the Crosse.

6. To the sixt we answeare : that there is noe excomunicated pson in our pish alowed to be godfathers, or godmothers, afore he or she be absolved bye the minister: and that we have a comunion 4 tymes in the yeare : and alle the people willinge to receive.

7. To the seventh we answeare : that there is noe marriage maid wth us: wthout license: or baynes iii severalli Sondayes asked: and done in noe unlawfull place but in our pish church and that at a lawfull houre.

8. To the eight we answeare : that our Viccr and curate hath but one liveinge betwixt them both.

9. To the ninth we answeare : that our minister doth onely visit the sicke & meet the burial at the church steele [style] and doth read such srvices at buryinge the dead as is appoynted.

10. To the tenth we answeare for keepinge holy [the fifth] of Novembr; & come to church to give thankes to God [for] the safe deliverance of the Kinge, and coup [try] . . . for the gonnepowder : we never hard of any comond : but yt shalbe duely observd hence-fourth.

11. To the 11th we answeare that we never hard that our viccar had his liveinge by shimony: and as for our . . . . curatt to gameinge, dronckenes, keepeinge alhous . . yt is nott done by our vicr or curatte : and cannot see any such cremes in them: but behaveth themselves honestly in there calling.

12. To the 12th we answeare : that the vicr doth mantayne the mansion houses eerie well: as may appeare.

13. To the 13th we answeare, that we doe nott knowe vt noe excommunicatted psons, nor herd of none, with us; but are punished throughly accordinge to lawe; nor no cryme done agaynst lawe.

14. To the 14th we answeare, that we never hard of such constitutions and canons agreed upon bye the churche of England revayled unto us at any tyme.

For the Leyatie:

15. To the 15th we answeare: for church ordinances we have as a booke of comone prayr, a faire byble bothe in English; a descent founte ; a communion table; and a pulpott and a comely cupe of silver; the tene comandements written upon the wale: but sore worne ; a boxe we have non; but everie one is willinge to doe his devocsion as occation shall see [serve].

16. To the 16th we answeare : the church and chancell with churchyard, ditch: is in good reparation as may appeare.

17. To the 17th we answeare : almhouses we have none: but we are readie to give alms and lodginge to the poore as often as any comothe to us.

18. To the 18th we answeare : that our minister baptizeth in noe other place, but within the church in the founte : and all yonge men cometh and yonge women, receiveth the comunion : at tymes appoynted. And the children comes to the church Sundaves after noone and upon holye days: to learne the cathacisme in there mother's tongue.

19. To the 19th we answeare : we knowe of noe brawlinge in our church, nor of any that goeth out of the church at tyme of divine svice at . . . as specified in this article.

20. To the 20th we answeare : that we knowe of none, as is specified in this article.

21. To the 21st we answeare: that we knowe of none: as is specified in this article.

22. To the 22th we answeare : that we knowe of none: as is specified in this article.

23. To the 23th we answeare: that we knowe of none that prphanes the Saboyth or holye dayes; but yt they are psented by the chapter quest: everie chapter court: and are punished.

24. To the 24th we answeare : that we have none such used in our church: as is specified in this article.

25. To the 25th we answeare : a Register booke we have, as for a cheiste we have none; but we will pvide for one, God willing.

26. To the 26th we answeare : that we knowe of noe officers spirituall that doyth exact; and take upe more fice [fees] then the statute lave alloweth.

27. To the 27th we answeare : that we have nott within our pish such psons : as is specified in this article.

28. To the 28th we answeare : that we knowe of noe such women in our pish escaped unpunyshed : as is specified in this article.

29. To the 29th we answeare : that we knowe noe man in our pish but he payeth all his due to the church: and churchwardens and giveth accomptes truely everie yeare.

30. To the 30th we answeare : that we knowe none within our pish that hath entered into the goods of the dead: afore a will be pved.

31. To the 31th we answeare: that we knowe of noe such psons within our pish as is specifyed in this article.

32. To the 32th we answeare : that we knowe of noe such psons as is specified in this last articles.

And to this our Answeares we have subscribed our names and putt to our mrkes the daye and yeare above written.

Donald Qualteraugh his mrke.
Wm. Kewley his mrke.
Gilbt. Corrine his mrke.
Donold Bruwe? his mrke.
Phillip Stole his mrke.
Donold Calister his mrke
Jon Quagine? his mrke.
Robt. Cryssten his mrke.

By me Willm Nores Vicar
Jo : Moore Curatt.

Note.-In Mx. Soc. vol. xxix, Vicar William Nores is not recorded. Neither is his Curate, John Moore.

This delivred in by Donnald Brew sydman and Wm. Cashin, churchwarden.


Donald Cloage
Jo : Quagine
Donold Scarff
Wm. Cowine


Wm. Farker
Malowny Cowine
Wm. Cowine
Donold Callister

for this p'sent yeare Ano Dni 1635. We answeare and p'sent Ann Cowine who received the sacramental bread out of the minister's hands into her mouth and tooke yt out agayne and kept vt in her hand to what intend she did yt God knoweth ; we cannott tell.

Note.-See Dr. Clague's "Reminiscences," p. 173, for possible reason for this.

J. D. more we fynd finlow Cloage : who cannott saye his prayers and is putt of from the comunion everie yeare, nor will nott come and learne.

Will: Clooage ye fathr borne [bound].

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