Document No. 7.

20 June 1642.

Hoble Sir

Wee are given to understand that there are fourteen men gon from the Rebells in Mourn, being a Barrony in this County, with horses and other comodities to sell in yor Iland and so retorne to there rebellion company agayn without suspicon, whereof wee thought fitt to give you notice that so a course may be taken that they may be sent hither to receave due punishmt according to their crimes, or at least made sure there till they be sent for.

Ther is one Toby a Smith, and one of the McNuskies who dwelt in Arglas and that be of the 14: who went from Mourn: and one Cormack Maguire, the rest be Iresh men whose names wee know not.

And so leaveing this to yol care we comitt you to Gods pteccon and rest,

yor affecconat frends and servants


20 June 1642

Nicholas Warde Barnard.

To our Hoble f rend the Deputy of the Ilen of Mann

these presents.

The Reply.

At a Courte of Tynwald houlden at St: John's Chappell ye xxiiijth of June 1642

It is ye opinion of ye officers in Courte whose names are subscribed yt whereas there are certaine of these men apprehended already and in durance in Castle Rushen they shalbee sent over by the first conveniencie for Ireland to the gentilmen justices who sent this letter for them. And in ye meane tyme that theire goodes bee seysed upon, Inventoryed and prised. And soe longe as they stay here they to bee Relieved out of ye goodes. And ye remaine (if any bee) to bee sent over with them to ye gentil. afforesaid. Out of wch ye said gentilmen (wee hope) will pay ye freight for bringeinge them over.


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