Castle Rushen Papers

Document No. 6.

[re Onchan Church]

Among the Castle Rushen Papers is a document of 24 pages (some of them blank) containing miscellaneous memoranda, mostly relating to money and provisions received or due. But on page 12 appears the following:-


Thomas Erle of Derby Lord Stanley and Lord of Manne and th' isles to or Lieutenant. . Comptroller of or land of Man aforesaid And to all other to Whom this or w'tyng shall come see or here Knowe ye that We for the circumspeccon and fodelite that we have unto or barons of or land of Manne and of or subgetts there And for redresse of Injuryes hade and done emongs theym have constitute and made oure right trusty Maistr. Doctor. Bradshagh or channcelor and Maystr. John Walt Arch-decon or Commyssonrs. they to here and examyn as well the matr betwix th' abbott of Fornesse and th' abbott of or monastorye of Rushen as the tr...... betwix the byshop of or land of man and the por. [Prior.] of Whithne as ...... ptenyng the spiraltie And aftr due serch and p'fyte knowledge ...... to theym hade they to make relacon to us We to forther advie as to us shall appere shall stand wl egte And Bode justice Wherefore will and comannde you and evry of you to be to theym aydyng asistyng obeyng and mayntenng in All and asmuch as this or comyssion extendyth for this time only Geven under or Seall of Manne and Sygne manuell at or place in london the llde Day of June Anno Dm. M.D. x1mo.

On the lower part of page 22 with memoranda of accounts above and below it, is the following jotting:-

Antonius Epis (copus) Dunolm Patriarch et D(omi)nus Mannie dedit eccl(es)iam Sti. Conchan monast(eri)o Ste M(ari)e De Douglas plena jur(e) Apud Wotton ut puto Anno D(omi)ni MCCCCVIII Ric(ardus) Dei gratia Epis (copus) Sodorens(is) Hebat magn(am) inquis(itionem) de monast(erio) De Douglas et per inquis(itionem) ...... predicto monast(erio) De ordine Cisterc(io) s(ub) sigillo rem in test(imonio) Anno D(omi)ni MCCCCXIIII p(redic)to. Et q(uod) fundat(um) fuit p. Reginald Rex mannie qui obiit Anno D(omi)ni 1226. H(oc) et de br(ev)e pr'dicto.


Antony, Bishop of Durham, Patriarch and Lord of Man gave the church of St. Conchan to the monastery of St. Mary of Douglas in full jurisdiction. At Wotton, as I think, to the year of the Lord 1408. Richard by the grace of God Bishop of Sodor had a great inquiry concerning the monastery of Douglas and by the inquiry (adjudged?) the matter to the aforesaid monastery of the Cistercian order under seal. In Witness Anno Domini 1414 aforesaid and that it was founded by Reginald King of Man who died in the year of the Lord 1226. This from the deed aforesaid.


The true date of Reginald's death was 1228. Anthony Beck was Lord of Man about 1298-1310. In 1408 John (? Sprotton) appears as Bishop, and Richard Payl in 1410 (see A. W. Moore, History of the Isle of Man, p. 979, and Diocesan History p. 78. If the above memorandum is correct, Payl must have commenced his episcopate as early as 1408, which seems hardly possible.

The same year (1193) the Abbey of St. Mary of Russin was transferred to Dufglas, where residing for four years, they again returned to Russin" (Chron. Manniae.)

Robert Bruce in 1313, on his way from Ramsey to Rushen, went "ad moniales de Duglas," where he stayed the night (Chron. Manniae). It appears uncertain whether the words " Apud Wotton, ut puto" relate to the grant by Beck, about 1300, or the inquiry by Bishop Richard, 100 years later.

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