[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #4 1926]


Leader, MR. G. F. CLUCAS, M.A., S.H.K.

Forty members met at Crosby Station at 10-50, and proceeded to Keeil Vreeshey, on the quarterland of Ballayemmy, which was inspected. It was agreed that it ought to be more effectually guarded from further decay.* {*'This has since been done by the Ancient Monuments Trustees}

Mr. Joseph Callister then led the party to Ballavitchal, where the old buildings on the farm were shown. Two objects not hitherto recorded were examined: (1) a large flat stone, bearing two cupmarks,.in the yard south of the old house; and (2) a set of three standing stones, in alignment, in the field to the west.

The next halt was at St Trinian's, where Mr. Clucas gave an interesting address on the history and folk-lore of the building, and its associations with the Priory of Whithorn and the Barony bearing its name.

The party went on to St. John's, but the rain, which continued steadily through the excursion, prevented the full programme being carried out. The paper on 'Tynwald and the Ceremonies connected with 'Laa'l Eoin,' to have been read by the leader, was postponed.

At a meeting at St. John's, Mr. Clucas presiding, Mrs. Glass, of Douglas, and Mr. Geo. C. Preston, H.K., of Laxey, were elected members,

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