[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #3 1923]



22nd January, 1920,

Swift (Cypselus apus), After about 14 years' absence Swifts in 1918 and 1919 were again resident through the summer in Castletown, and no doubt bred.

Turtle Dove (Turtur communis), About 30th November, 1918, Mr. A. Cooil shot a Turtle Dove among Woodpigeons in a field at Knockrushen, near Castletown. This is a very late date for this summer species, but it has occurred in Ireland even in December.

Quail (Coturnix communis), During the summer of 1919, Canon Leece tells me, quite a number of Quails were settled in the parish of Rushen. In June one was several times heard at Ballagonnell, in Andreas, by Mr. E. Kneale.

Sanderling (Calidris arenaria). On 30th May, 1919, Mr. J. A. Corteen found nine dead Sanderlings near the Bungalow, under Snaefell, probably killed by striking the electric wires. The specimen which I saw was in the rich summer plumage.

Genista tinctoria (Dyer's Greenweed). In the summer of 1919 I found this handsome plant at two places in Andreas by the side of the road to the Lhen, west of Smeal, and at the edge of the waste at the Lagagh Moar. It appeared (without locality) in Rev. S. Gasking's list in 'Research,' otherwise, so far as I know, it has not been recorded for Man.

Elodea canadensis (Canadian Water Thyme). In 1913 the late Mr. John Hunter told me of the growth of this plant in the Silverburn above Castletown. I have since seen it in many places between Castletown and Ballasalla. It would be of interest to know if it has found a home in other Manx waters.

Claytonia perfoliata. This well-known American colonist was first, so far as I know, reported in 1913 by Mr. W. Crellin from Ballaugh, and afterwards in 'Mannin ' by Mr. C. Paton from Andreas. Since 1916 it has been very abundant in my garden at the Lhen.

Euphorbia Paralias. Sea Spurge. Reported long ago by F orbes. I had never seen a precise locality in the Isle of Man indicated for this, until I came upon it in abundance on the sandy shore to the west of the mouth of the Lhen Trench.

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