[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #2 1923]


The following were elected members:-Miss Lace, Mr, T. Gelling, Mrs. Pilkington, Miss. E. Handley, Mr. E. W. Murray, and Mr. Grant Paton.

Mr. W, Cubbon read a most interesting paper on 'Some Ancient Conchan Families,' which was illustrated by a coloured plan of the Treens.

Mr. Brodrick exhibited and remarked upon a perforated stone axe-hammer found by him in a cist which had been exposed in forming a path at Knockaloe Alien Camp. The cist had not previously been disturbed; it was filled with soil which had percolated through, and he examined this soil most carefully but found no trace of bone or pottery. Two worked flints were on the floor about the centre, and the axe at the right-hand corner. The cist measured 42 in. by 12 in. to 22 in. deep and 18 in. high, inside; the covering slab was 62 in. long; it was floored with four rough slabs.

Mr. Cubbon exhibited a small water-worn pink pebble found by him below the submarine forest at Strandhall. Also a fine, polished stone axe-head from Lyngage, Rushen, 9¾ in. long by 1¾ in. thick and 3¼ in. wide. Also about 500 flints from an area of about 80 yards at Poolva.ish, and a small collection from Strandhall.

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