[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #2 1923]


A preliminary contribution to the Manx Fungus Flora was published in September, 1909, in the 'Lancashire Naturalist.' This list contains 129 species, made up thus :-

Uredineae, etc,
Moulds, etc,, incl. imperfectae
These were the result of only a few days' collecting.

The following comment was made at the time:-'As compared with Lancashire, the Uredineae were remarkably numerous, and no doubt the 20 species observed represent only a moiety of what might be disclosed by systematic search throughout the year. The most abundant was Phragwidium violacezzm, which occurred wherever brambles grew, in the greatest profusion, It was noted in Rubus Scheutzii, R. pulcherrimus, R. pyramidalis, R, rusticanus, R, echinatoides, and R. corylifolius.'

Since the publication of this list, a further 62 species were added during a week-end spent in the Island by the kind invitation of Mr. Hartley, who has also sent additions from time to time. The summary, therefore, now stands thus :-

Uredineae, etc,
Moulds, imperfectae etc

At present it is scarcely advisable to attempt any comparison with the neighbouring portion of England (Lancashire chiefly), but investigations will be continued with this object in view.

*A number of these still in hand yet unnamed in addition,

The following is a list up to date of



Amanita phalloides. Near Ballasalla.
Amanitopsis vaginata, Roze. Ballasalla (L.N.). Colby Glen.
Lepiota procera, Fr, Ballasalla (L.N.).
" cristata, Fr. Silverdale Glen (L.N.)
" granulosa, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
Armillaria mellea, Fr. Ballasalla, Ballaugh, and Silverdale Glen (L.N.), Colby.
Tricholoma humile, Fr. Ballasalla (L.N.)
" saponaceunn, Fr. Mwyllin Kaartee Glen.
" personatum, Fr, Moaney Moar.
Mycena galericulata, Fr. Frequent.
" rugosa, Fr. Ballasalla, Colby, Ballaugh.
" nivea, Quel. Mount Karrin (L.N.)
" galopoda, Fr, Sulby Glen Colby Glen.
" rorida, Fr. On sticks, Ballasalla.
" stylobates. Mwyllin Kaartee Glen ; The Curraghs (L.N.)
" sanguinolenta, Fr. Colby Glen, Silverdale.
" filopes, Fr. Colby Glen.
" tenerrima, Quel. Colby Glen.
" acicula, Fr. Colby Glen.
Clitocybe ditopoda, Fr, Ballasalla.
" fragrans, Fr. Silverburn Glen.
Collybia radicata, Fr. Near Derbyhaven.
" fusipes, Fr. Ballasalla.
" maculata, Fr. Mwyllin Kaartee Glen,
" velutipes, Fr. Ballasalla, Silverburn, near Ballaugh.
" dryophila, Fr. Colby Glen.
Omphalia sphagnicola, Fr, Moaney Moar (L.N.)
" umbellifera, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.), Colby.
" fibula, Fr. Sulby and Silverdale (L.N.)
Pleurotus mutilus, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
Hygraphanus pratensis, Fr. Ballasalla (L.N.)
" ceraceus, Fr. Sulby (L.N.)
" coccineus, Fr. Silverdale (L.N.)
" miniatus, Fr. Mount Karrin, (L.N.)
" puniceus, Fr. Moaney Moar (L.N.), Mwyllin Kaartee Glen.
" obrusseus, Fr. Snaefell (L.N.), Ballasalla.
" conicus, Fr. Snaefell, Silverdale (L.N.)
" chlorophanus, Fr, Silverdale (L.N.)
" psittacinus, Fr. Ballaugh (L.N.)
Laccaria laccata Scop. Ballaugh (L.N.)
Lactarius refus, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
" subdulcis, Fr. Colby Glen.
" quietus, Fr. Colby Glen.
Russula alutacea, Fr. Colby Glen,
" emetica, Fr. Silverburn Glen.
Cantharellus cibarius, Fr. Ballaugh.
Marasmius orcades, Fr. Frequent in most pastures ; Port St. Mary to Jurby (L.N.) close to the sea at Derbyhaven.
" ramealis, Fr. Sulby Glen, on branches.
" rotula, Fr. On sticks, etc. Silverburn Glen, and Ballasalla,
" androsaceus, Fr. Mount Karrin (L.N.), Moaney Moar,
Pluteus phlebophorus, Ditm (?) Ballasalla.
" cervinus, Fr. Ballasalla ; Moaney Moar,
Entoloma jubatum, Fr. Mount Karrin (L.N.)
" sericeum, Fr. Snaefell (L.N.)
" rhodopolium, Fr. Ballasalla.
Clitopilus prunulus, Fr. Near Ballasalla and Mwyllin Kaartee Glen.
Leptonia lampropoda, Fr. Mount Karrin (L.N.)
Nolanea pascua, Fr. Jurby; Snaefell (L.N.), Mwyllin Kaartee Glen; near Port St. Mary.
Claudopus variabilis. W.G.S. Moaney Moar (L.N.)
Inocybe geophylla, Fr. Seilby and Snaefell (L.N.)
Naucoria semiorbicularis, Fr. Mount Karrin (L.N.)
" melinoides, Fr. Near Ballasalla.
Galera tenera, Fr. Sulby Glen.
" hypnorum, Fr. Silverdale ; Groudle Glen (L.N.)
" spartea, Fr. Snaefell (L.N.)
Tubaria furfuracea, W.G.S. Derbyhaven.
Crepidotus mollis, Fr. Silverburn Glen.
Paxillus lepista, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
" involutus, Fr. Colby Glen,
Psalliota campestris, Fr. Ballasalla and Port St. John.
" arvensis, Fr. Ballasalla.
Stropharia aeruginosa, Fr. Silverburn Glen (L.N.)
" stercoraria, Fr. Silverdale (L.N.), Derbyhaven and Moaney Moar.
" semiglobata, Fr, Frequent in most pastures.
" coronilla, Fr. Roadside, near Moaney Moar.
Hyphaloma fasciculare, Fr. Port St. Mary (L.N.), Colby, Peel.
" appendiculata, Fr. Jurby (L.N.), Colby.
" sublateritium, Fr. Near Derbyhaven.
Psilocybe ericaea, Fr. :Moaney Moar (L.N.)
" semilanceata, Fr. Snaefell, Sulby Glen (L.N.), Moaney Moar.
" spadicea, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.), Ballasalla.
" foenisecii, Fr. Mwyllin Kaartee Glen.
Bolbitius fragilis, Fr. Colby.
Coprinus micaceus, Fr. Silverburn and near Ballaugh (L.N.)
" plicatilis, Fr. Andreas (L.N.), Ballasalla.
" radiatus, Fr. On horse dung, Ballasalla.
Panaeolus campanulatus, Fr. Moaney Moar (L.N.)
" fimicola, Fr. On dung near Blue Point Bride (L.1\.), Moaney Moar.
" sphinctrinus, Fr. Colby.
" papilionaceus, Fr. Port St. Mary,
Anellaria separata, Karst. Moaney Moar,
" fimiputris, Karst. On cow dung, Ballasalla.
Psathyrella atomata, Fr. Lane leading from Silverburn Glen.
" disseminata, Fr, Colby.
Boletus flavus, With. Sulby (L.N.)
" scaber, Ball. Silverburn Glen
" chrysenteron, Bull. Colby.
Polyporus squamosus, Fr, On ash, Ballasalla. (L.N.)
Polystictus versicolor, Fr. Ballasalla (L.N.), Colby, near Derbyhaven ; near Port St. Mary.
" abietinus, Fr. On larch, Groudle Glen (L.N.)
Poria vaporaria, Fr, Silverdale Glen and Ballaugh (L.N.)
Stereum hirsutum, Fr. Groudle Glen Ballasalla.
" purpureum, Fr. Ballaugh and Sulby (L.N.), Mwyllin Kaartee Glen.
Hydnum repandum, Fr. Groudle Glen.
Irpex obliquus, Fr. Colby Glen; Laugness.
Radulum quercinum, Fr. Colby Glen.
Merulius lacrymans, Fr. Colby Glen.
Phlebia Merismoides, Fr. Near Ballasalla in branches,
Grandinia granulosa, Fr. Colby.
Odontia fimbriata, Fr. Near Ballasalla.
Thelephora sebacea, Pers. On rotten stump, Colby.
Corticium sambuci, Fr. Ballaugh (L.N.)
Clavaria coralloides, Linn. Silverdale (L.N.)
" cinerea, Bull. Near Ballasalla (L.N.)
" cristala, Pers. Near Ballasalla (L.N.)
" vermicularis, Scop. Silverdale Glen (L.N.)
" rugosa, Bull. Colby Glen.
Himeola auricula-judae, Fr. On elder, Sulby Glen (L.N.) Moaney Moar.
Exidia albida, Fr. Colby.
Tremella mesenterica, Fr. Colby Glen.
" sarcoides, Sm. Near Ballasalla (Conidial stage of Ombrophila sarcoides).
Dacryomyces deliquescens, Duby. Ballasalla (on bridge in garden leading to Myrtle Grove).
" stillalus. Ballasalla, Port St. Mary (L.N.)
Lycoperdon bovista, Linn (L.giganteum, Batsch). Silverdale (L.N.)
" pyriforme, Schaeff. Ballasalla (L.N.)
" gemmatum, Batsch. Sulby (L. Y)
" echinatum, Pers, Silverdale (L.N.)
Scleroderma vulgare, Hornem. Colby.


Melampsora helioscopiae, Pers. Andreas and Ballasalla (L.N.), Silverburn Glen, Sept. 1909 ; Mwyllin Kaartee Glen, Aug., 1911, on Euphorbia helioscopiae.
" hypericorum (D.C.). On Hypeyicum in garden near sea, Derbyhaven, Aug., 1911.
" farinosa (Pers), On Salix aurita, The Curraghs (L.N.). On Salix caprea, Ballasalla, Aug., 1911.
" betulina. On Betula alba, Sulby Glen.
Coleosporium senecionis (Pers). On Senecio vulgaris, near Ballaugh ; on S. sylvaticus, near Jurby, Sept., 1909 (L.N.)
" Sonchi (Pers). On Tussilago farfara, Silverdale Glen (L.N.), near Ballasalla.
" Euphvasiae (Schum). On Bayisia odontites on the Ballaugh Curraghs (L.N.), on Euphyasia officinalis, on B. odontites on Moaney Moar, Aug., 1911.
" campanulas (Pers). On Campanula rotundifolia. Moaney Moar and Silverburn Glen, Aug,, 1911.
Uyomyces Poae (Rabb), on Ranunculus acris, near Ballaugh (L.N.)
Puccinia variabilis (Grev). On Tavaxacun° in Ballasalla Railway Station (L.N.)
Puccinia Primulae (D.C.). On Pyinaula officinalis. Silverburn Glen (L.N.), Ballasalla ; Colby Glen.
Puccinia rubigo-veva (D.C.). On Holcus, near Ballaugh (L.N.)
" poarum Niels. On Tussilago fayfara, Silverdale (L.N.) ; Colby ; Moaney Moar.
" oblongata (Link). On Luzula maxima, Silverburn Glen, Sept., 1909 (L.N.)
" suaveolens (Pers). On Cardwis ayvensis, Jurby (L.N.) ; Ballasalla.
" prune (Pers). On plum tree, Ballasalla (L.N.)
" umbilici (Guep). On Cotyledon, Ballaugh (L.N.)
" walvacearum (Vont). On Mallow, near Bride (L.N.), Derbyhaven, Aug., 1911.
" buxi (D.C.) On box leaves, Ballasalla (L.N.)
" truncata (B. & B.) On Iris in garden at Ballasalla Railway Station (L.N.)
" taraxaci (Plow). Ballasalla ; lane from Silverburn Glen to Moaney Moar, Aug., 1911,
" heracki (Grev). On Heracleum, Colby.
Phraginidium violaceum (Schultz). Common on various Rubi in all parts of the Island (L.N.). (See paragraph in introduction above.)
" subcorticatum (Schrank). On Rosa glauca, Ballaugh Curraghs (L.N.) ; Ballasalla ; Moaney Moar. On leaves of Rosa sp.Aug., 1911, Silverburn Glen.


Cordyceps rnilitaris (L.). On pupa, Silverdale (L.N.); Mwyllin Kaartee Glen, Aug., 1911 (in Isaria,farinosa stage).
Hypocrea rnrfa (Pers). Silverdale (L.N.)
Nectria cinnabavina, Tode. Ballasalla (L.N.)
Hypoxylon, fuscum, Fr. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
Euptypa lata, Tul. On sycamore wood, Ballasalla.
Diatyype stigma, Fr. On pear tree trunk, Ballasalla ; Colby Glen.
Xylaria hypoxylon, Grev. Colby Glen.
Sphaerella typhae, Awd. The Curraghs (L.N.)
rumicis, Cke. On leaves of Rumex, Ballasalla.
Gnomonia cerastis, Auersa (Sphaeria petioli, Fck). On petioles of fallen sycamore leaves, Colby Glen.
Leptosphaeyia acula, Karst. Common on nettle stems, especially near the base. Ballasalla.
Alelanomma gulvis-pyyius, Fck. On cut end of branch, Colbv Glen.
Microsphaera lycii (Laseh). On Gipsy Wort. The Curraghs (L.N.)
Phyllachora junci, Fck. On Juncus effusus, Ballasalla and Curraghs (L.N.)
Rhopogyaphus fclicinus, Fck. Colby Glen. Forming black parallel stroma on the stems of Pteris aquilina.
Hypoderma virgultoyum, D.C. Groudle Glen (L.N.), on dead Rubus stem, Silverburn Glen.
Hysteyium pulicare, Pers. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
Eyysiphe cichoracearmn, D.C. On Sonehus and Heracleunn, near Jurby (L.N.)
Sphaerotheca pannosa (Waller). On Rose leaves, Ballasalla. (See Oiditsn, le uconi cum) .


Peziza vesciculosa, Bull. Sulby Glen garden at Ballasalla.
Barlaea cinnabavina, Sacc. Amongst moss, Colby,Aug., 1911.
Hurraria gvanulala, Sacc. On cow dung, Ballasalla ; near Port St. Mary; Colby.
Lachnea scutellata, Gill. On rotting wood, Colby.
Dasyscypha virginea, Fck. On sticks, Sulby Glen (L.N.) ; Colby.
Sphaerospoya trechispora, Sacc. Colby Glen,
Helotium uliginosum. Fr. Moaney Moar (L.N.)
" scutulum, Karst. Sulby Glen (L.N.)
cyathoideum, Karst. Sulby Glen (L.N.) ; on rotting sack, near Colby,
Mollisia cinerea, Karst. On sticks, etc., Moaney Moar; Colby Glen.
Pseudopeziza tyifolii. On clover leaves, Silverburn Glen.
Ascobolus fuyfuraceus, Pers. On cow dung, Moaney Moar ; Ballasalla.
Heteyosphaeyia patella, Grev. On umbelliferous stem, Colby Glen.
Bulgaria polymoypha, Wells. Sulby Glen (L.N.) ; Silverburn Glen.
Trochila ilicis, Cronan. Common on fallen holly leaves, Ballasalla( L.N.) Derbyhaven.
lauro-cerasi, Fr. Sulby (L.N.)
Phacidium multivalve, Kze & Schmidt. On fallen holly leaves, Ballasalla.
Stietis junci. On Juncus effusus. Curraghs (L.N.)
Rhytisma acerinum, Pers. On living sycamore leaves, Groudle Glen (L.N.). In Colby Glen, two sycamores stood together, one was infested with R. acerinum and the other with R. punctation.
Rhytisma punctatum, Pers. On living sycamore leaves, Sulby Glen (L.N.) ; Colby Glen.
Rhytisma salicinum, Pers. On willow leaves (Salix repens) Ballaugh Curraghs (L.N.)
Colpoma degeneyans. On bilberry, The Curraghs (L.N.)


Pilobolus cvystallinais, Tode. On dung, Ballasalla (L.N.)
il1ucor mucedo, L, On decaying plum, Ballasalla (L.N.)
Spinellus,fusiger,Van Teigh. On Mycena sp., Colby Glen.


Empusa muscae, Cohn. Ballasalla (L.N.)


Sychytrium taraxaci, Delby. On Taraxacum officinale, in lane leading from Silverburn Glen to Moaney Moar.


Septoria rubi, Westend. Silverburn Glen.
Ceuthospora lauri, Grev. On dead laurel leaves, Sulby Glen (L.N.)


Oidium leuconicum, Desm. On wild rose, near Ballaugh (L.N.). (The conidial cond. of Spacerotheca pannosa).
" monihoides. On living leaves of various grasses. Ballasalla (L.N.) ;Mwyllin Kaartee Glen; Moaney Moar ; Colby. (The conidial condition of Erysiphe graminis).
Trichoderma lignorum, Harz. Silverburn Glen. (Conidial condition of Hypocrea sufa).
Aspergillus glaucus, Link. On rotting fig in garden, Ballasalla.
Penicillium glaucum, Link. On garden refuse, Ballasalla.
Botrytis vulgaris, Fr. On decaying leaves and stems, Silverburn Glen.
" cinerea var sclerotiophila, Sacc. On dead umbelliferous stems, Colby Glen.
" fascicularis, Sacc. On decaying plants Colby Glen; Moaney Moar.
Ovularia obliqua, Oud. On leaves of Rumex obtusifolius, Ballasalla (L.N.)
Sepedonium chrysospermum, Fr, On decaying agaric, Colby Glen.
Torula pulveracea, Corda. Dead wood, Ballasalla.
" herbarum, Link. On dead weeds, Jurby (L.N.)
Cladospoyium epiphyllum, Mart. On fallen leaves of sycamore, Colby Glen.
" herbarum, Link. On dead leaves of Saxifraga pellata, Ballasalla.
Stilbum vulgare, Tode. On rotten twig, Colby Glen.
Isaria farinosa, Fr. On pupae, Mwyllin Kaartee Glen (see Cordiceps militaris).


Tubercularia vulgaris, Tode. Common, Ballasalla (L.N.) ; Derbyhaven ;Colby. (Conidial condition of Nectria cinnabarina.).
Aegerita candida, Pers. On rotting bark and wood, Colby Glen.

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