[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #2 1923]


The Thirty-fifth Annual General Meeting of the Society, held at Villa Marina, Douglas, 16 April, 1914.

The President, Prof. W. A, HERDMAN, D.Sc., F.R.S., took the chair, supported by the Lieut.-Governor, Deemster Callow and others, and there was an unusually large attendance of members.

Before beginning, the President, on behalf of the Society, offered hearty congratulations to Miss Somerset on her approaching marriage, with best wishes for her health, prosperity and happiness; offering a little gift in commemoration of the event, and as a reminder of the kindly feelings and good wishes of the Society of which she had been a member for some years.

Lord Raglan expressed the thanks of his daughter to the Society, of whose meetings and expeditions she had many very pleasing memories, and to Prof. Herdman for the extremely kind words he had used in making the presentation.

The following were elected members of the Society :- Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Drinkwater, Miss Howard, Messrs. J. Hunter, J. F. Clucas, R. G. Fargher, T. M. L. Quavle, John Crellin, J. J, James, Miss Christian (Milntown), Miss A. Gibb and Mrs. E. B. Gawne.

The Report of the General Committee was received, and the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts adopted.

The retiring President delivered an Address on ' Periodic Changes in Nature,' which was listened to with close attention and the greatest interest.

The Governor expressed the thanks of the Society, referring to Prof. Herdman as a man of the utmost distinction in his profession. Members, he thought, might well feel proud that so eminent a scientist had done them the honour to preside for the last twelve months and to take an active part in their proceedings.

The following were elected Office-hearers for the ensuing year:-President, Mr. C. Hughes-Games, Vicar-General; Vice-President, the Ven. Archdeacon Kewlev ; Treasurer, Mr. P. G. Ralfe; and Secretary, Mr. W. P, Cowley.

The Governor expressly thanked the retiring Secretary for his prolonged services to the Society since its foundation.

Mr. Kerrnode read the Fourth Report of the Archaeological Survey, dealing with the Sheading of Garff. This was fully illustrated with plans and measured drawings.

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