[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #2 1923]


Leaders, Mr. PATTERSON and Mr. RALFE.

Thirty-four members and 20 visitors came to this excursion. At Billown they were received by Mr. Moore, who showed them the stone circle in the plantation behind his house. This was figured and described in the Report of the Archaeological Commission, 1878. Cumming also had mentioned the extensive cemetery on the rising ground above, where Mr. Moore had known of urns turned up by the plough.

The earthwork fort by Balla Keighan was visited, and a meeting held, at which Mr. and Mrs. Corlett and Mr. J. H. Clarke were elected members.

At Chapel Hill the remains of Keeill Vael within its fortified enclosure were seen, and by Pooilvaaish Farm the site of another Keeill, but the tenant remembered lintel graves having been met with. A little further on a fine peninsular fort was inspected; from it Mr. Ralfe pointed out the site of Keeill Pharlane. Near Scarlett Point the site of another Keeill was shown. Opposite the Stack, Mr. Davidson gave a sketch of its most interesting features.

The excursionists were hospitably entertained by Mrs. Narramore and by Mrs. Karran; where they enjoyed a. pleasant rest.

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