[from Proc IoMNH&ASoc vol2 #2 1923]


Prof. W. A. HERDMAN, President, in the Chair,

The meeting was attended by 27 members and 6 visitors, including Prof. B. Moore, who had walked over with the President and Secretary from Port Erin by the Sloc and Lag ny Keeillee.

The following were elected as members :-Rev. W. A. Rushworth, Vicar of Braddan ; Mr. W. Wells, Colby ; and Lieut.-Col. Nicholson, Douglas.

Mr. Crellin's Report of the Zoological Section and Mr. Hartley's Report of the Botanical Section were received. The latter had forwarded a provisional list of the Fungi of the Isle of Man, which had not previously been studied. This included 219 species, besides a number still in hand but not yet named. He stated that Mr. Wheldon would be willing to help in naming specimens if local members would help by collecting and forwarding them. He added that Miss Lorrain Smith, of the British Museum, was kindly helping in the identification of Lichens, of which he hoped to form a collection. The President remarked on the interest and value of the list, and hoped that under Mr. Hartley the cryptogamic botany of the Island might now be worked out.

A paper by Mr. F. Swynnerton was read, ' Notes on Hindoo Burning Grounds,' giving some idea of present-day urn burial and throwing light possibly on that of earlier days in our own land.

The President was then called upon for some remarks on the recently discovered skull of primitive man at Piltown, in Sussex. He had been present at the meeting in London at which this was exhibited and discussed, and gave a brief account of its discovery and the opinions expressed by Dr. Keith and other authorities.

Among exhibits remarked upon were:--By the Vicar of German, the Peel Church Plate; a copy of the old Ballad of Mannanin Mac y Leir, by Mr. W. Cubbon; a. fine collection of flints and polished stone implements, by Mr. Cowley; and a copper spoon-mould, by Mr. J. J. Joughin.

The date being that of the old Laa Boaldyn, the room had been decorated and the threshold strewn with the bulliough, or marsh marigold, and the President was decorated by Miss Morrison with a Cuirn Cross.

After the meeting, those who attended were hospitably entertained by the Peel members of the Society.

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