[from Yn Lioar Manninagh Vol 4 pp35]


For Swelled Neck.

Cures, Mrs K—had performed a cure she had often seen her mother perform. She used nine pieces of iron (nails, &c.), which were arranged crosswise on the sore. There was no rubbing or anything, but the usual invocation.

Sore Eyes.

Had seen cure by a woman muttering in Manx " In the name," &c , with her thumb on the eye.


Had used knotted thread (not tied round hand or fingers, &c.), which was then buried, and as it decayed the warts disappeared.

A back slug was rubbed on the warts, then a thorn run through the slug when withered, the wart would be gone.


Mrs H.—, when an infant, was cured by her grandmother, who closed doors and windows, and sealed the keyholes, then roasted the heart of a fieshly-killed sheep, which was stuck full of pins, to a perfect cinder. When this was done she opened the front door.

N.B.—The beast must he newly killed.


When butter would not come they would beat the churn with fresh nettles then lay them on the top.


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