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Collected by W. QUAYLE and P. G. RALFE.

In compiling the following list, fresh specimens of the plants have, in most cases, been shown when obtaining the Manx name. In looking into the dictionaries, it is evident that the language had once a long list of plant names ; but these have been so vaguely and incorrectly translated as to be of little use. It is hoped that this list is, so far as it goes, correct, and may serve as a foundation to which much may yet be added after due identification of the species. The best thanks of the compilers are due to Mr. J. B. Keig for having many specimens compared and identified at Ballaugh.

Spearwort, Ranunculus flammula — Luss v binjey, Luss y steep (These names are also applied to other plants used for curdling milk)

Marsh Marigold, Caltha palustris — Blughtyn (plural) (Singular in dictionaries as Bluillught, or Booalught) Fumitory, Fumaria officinalis — Booa-ghoayn (not found in modern use, but, doubtless correctly translated)

Wild Mustard, Brassica sinapis — -Brashlagh Pepperwort, Lepidium campestre — -Pibbyr-yn-dooiney boght, Pibbyr-keoi

Field Pansy, Viola tricolor — Blaa villish (perhaps Dog violet) Chickweed, Stellaria media — Flig

Greater Stitchwort, Stellaria holostea, is called Fairy flax

Spurrey, Spergula arvensis — Carran

Small upright St. John's wort, Hypericum pulchrum — Luss-y-chiolg

Common Mallow, Malva sylvestris — Luss-ny-moal Moirrey

(Two kinds of this, distinguished as "moar" and " beg," are known — perhaps the "moar" is Lavatera arborea)

Wood Sorrel, Oxalis acetosella — Bee-cooag

Furze, Ulex europæus and nanus — Conney-
(The larger species is Conney frangagh [fpc 'french' often used for foreign or alien] ; Aaitn, in place names sometimes Ashen, is gorse used for fencing)

Broom, Cytisus scoparius — Guilcaugh

Bird's-foot Trefoil, Lotus corniculatus — Crouw-kayt

Vetch, Vicia sp — Pishyr-chabbyl, Pishyr-lughag

Mountain Ash, Pyrus aucuparia — Keirn, Billey-Keirn (fruit, Keirn)

Sloe, Prunus communis — Drive doo, drine arn

Bramble, Rubus fruticosus — Drive smeyr, dress, plural dressyn (Pronounced "dretthyn "; blackberry, " seneyr ")

Dog-rose, Rosa caning — Drive Booag (fruit, Booag)

Burnet Rose, Rosa spinosissima — Drive drughaig (fruit, Drughaig)

Hawthorn, Cratwgus oxyacantlra — Blaa-y-n-moddey, Drine skaig, or skaigagh (fruit, Skaig)

Wall Pennywort, Cotyledon Umbilicus — Luss-y-dhaa phing, Wishlahan

Houseleek, Sempervivum tectoruin — Lus-y-thie

Round-leaved Sundew, Drosera rotundifolia — Luss-yn-cirtys, Luss-y-druight

Marsh Pennywort, Hydrocotyle vulgaris — Ouw, Wishlahan

Alexanders, Stnyrnium olusatrum — Ollyssyn, Ollystryn ; Luss-yn-Ollee.

(:outweed, Ægopodium podagraria — Luss yn Ollee

Earthnut, conopodium denudatum — Curlan

Cow Parsnip, Hcracleum sphondylium — Farrain, pl. Arranyn

Ivy, Hedera helix — Hibbin

Elder, Sambucus nigra — Tramman

Honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum — Ollaagagh, Shuckle-mill Heath

Bedstraw, Galium saxatile — Follan-fing

Cleavers, Galium aparine — Luss y chollane

Varrow, Achillea millefolium — Airh-hallooin, Airh-lossey

Corn Marigold, Chrysanthemum segetum, Bastag-vuigh, Baskad-vuigh

Golden-rod, Solidago virgaurea — -Slat-airh

Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris — Bollan feal-eoin

Coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara — Cabhag-ny-havvin

Ragwort, Senecio jacobæa — Cushag

Burdock, Arctium lappa — Bollan-dhoo

Thistle, Cnicus arvensis, &c. — Onnane

Knapweed, Centaurea nigra — Buttortyn-dhoo, Luss y, crammman dhoo

Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale — Luss ny- minnag

Common and Corn Sow Thistles — Sonchus oleraceus, Sonchus arvensis — Bee-muck, Bainney-muck, Onnane-meean

Sheep's-bit, Jasione montana — Buttonyn-gorryin (pl), Keyrrey-biht

Whortleberry, Vaccinium myrtillus — Freoghane, Freoghane-gor-rym, Farrane

Ung, Calluna vulgaris — Freogh, Convey — freoie Thrift, Armeria vulgaris — Keirn jiarg Primrose, Primula vulgaris — Sumark

Asli, Fraxinus excelsior — Unjin

Centapry, Erythraea centaurium — Keim-chreest

Woody Nightshade, Solanum dulcamara-Croan-reeisht.
Greater Plantain, Plantago major-Slane-luss
Ribwort Plantain, Plantago lanceolata-Cabbag-pherick
Buckshorn Plantain, Plantago coronopus, Bollan Breshey
Foxglove, Digitalis purpurea (fraps)-Sleggan Sleeu Com.
Butterwort, Pinguicula vulgaris-Luss-y-steep
Ground Ivy, Nepeta glechoma-Ardlosserey (pr. " Ard Lothera ")
Wild Sage, Teucrium scorodonia-Creeaghlagh
White Goosefoot, Chenopodium viride-Coll-mea
Sun (and other) Spurge, Euphorbia helioscopia, &c.,-Luss ny Fahnnaghyn, Luss yn Vuinnagh
Dock, Rumex sp. var-Cabbag.
Sorrel, Rumex acetosa-Shughlaig, cabbag-jiarg.
Elm, Ulmus campestris-Lhiouan ? (a dictionary word)
Nettle, Urtica divica-Undaagagh.
Oak, Quercus robur-Darragh.
Hazel, Corylus avellana-Coll (Cregeen)-We have not met witl this colloquially
Willow, Salix sp. var---Shellagh, Shellagh-ny-hie
Scotch Fir, Pinus sylvestris Juys
Wild Hyacinth, Scilla nutans-Gleih-muck, blaa-muck
Ferns (in general, especially bracken), Pteris aquilina-Rhenniagh Male Fern (and other large species), Lastrea filixmas-Rhenniagh Woirrey (applied at Ballaugh to the Royal Fern) Osmunda regalis.


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