Index to Volume V - XIV of Proc. I M Natural History and Antiquarian Society
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Note format changed from Vol XIII (2015) onwards to an annual single issue volume.

Adames, E. W

Foundry of John Clague and Son Limited, Ramsey 1865 To 1913. Vol IX No. 1 pp125-132
Note: Industrial Archaeology Vol IX No. 4 pp609-610
Note: the Foundry of John Clague and Son Vol X No. 2 pp119

Allen, D. E.  

Manx Brambles Revisited  Vol XII No. 2 pp303/310

'Arbory' (pseudnm), Michael  

The 1733 Issue of Manx Coinage  Vol XII No. 3 pp453/468

Barratt, J. K.

Bishop William Russell (1349 To 1374) and the Popes of Avignon. Vol VII No. 2 ppI37-163

Bawden, T. A

Manx Paper-Making Industry Vol VII No. 3 pp449-477

Bazin, F.

Role and Status of Musicians in the Isle of Man, 1800-1860 Vol X No. 3 pp179-200

Belchem, C.

Radical Entrepreneur: William Shirrefs and the Manx Free Press of the 1840s Vol X No. 1 pp33-48

Bersu, G.

Excavations of the Cashtal, Ballagawne, Garwick, 1941. Vol VII No. 1 pp89-119
Chapel Hill - a Prehistoric Early Christian And Viking Site At Balladoole, Kirk Arbory Isle of Man. Vol VII No. 4 pp632-665

Blair, Claude

The Manx Sword of State Vol XI No.2 pp259/274

Bracegirdle, R. C. .

Post-Glacial Invasions of Man by the Animal Kingdom. Vol VI No. 3 pp388-401

Brand, A.R.  

Sir William Herdman's Legacy to the Isle of Man: 114 Years of Marine Biology  Vol XII No. 1 pp115/132

Bregazzi, J. C.

Douglas-Past, Present And Future Vol VII No. 1 pp26-34

Bretin, Claire  

Viking-Age Burials in the Manx Landscape: a Case Study  Vol XII No. 1 pp153/165

Bridson, Michael 

In Search of Paul Bridson  Vol XII No. 2 pp311/318

Broderick, G. And M. Dolley,

1794 Manx Political Parody of 'Rule Britannia' Vol IX No. 4 pp535-542

Brownsdon, T. E.

Historical Note on Manx Agriculture. Vol VII No. 1 pp5-12

Brun, E.

Calf of Man Report, 1959. Vol VI No. 2 pp192-207
Calf of Man Report, 1960. Vol VI No. 3 pp352-367

Burnett , D. and D. Quirk  

The Manx Group: Foundations of an Island  Vol XI No. 4 pp467/486

Butler, Paul  

Listening to the Seas  Vol XII No. 4 pp563/572


Constitutional Reform in the Twentieth Century Vol X No. 3 pp201-224

Caine, P. W,

Ballure Church, Ramsey. Vol V No. 2 pp60-62
Correspondence of the Rev. James Wilks Vol V No. 2 pp195-208
Notes On the Manx Monasteries Vol V No. 1 pp48-62
Pages From Seventeenth Century Manx History. Vol V No. 1 pp146-160
St. George's Church, Douglas Vol V No. 2 pp5-11
William Blundell And His History Vol V No. 2 pp128-135

Callow, John  

'The Force of Angry Heavens Flame': Lieutenant John Hathorne and Garrison Government in the Isle of Man, 1651-1660  Vol XIV pp90/108

Carter, P. W.

History of Botanical Exploration in the Isle of Man. Vol VI No. 3 pp402-425

Cashin, T.

Two Centuries of History in Glen Wyllin: 1790-1990 Vol X No. 1 pp63-78

Cleary, Alan

Historic Radar on the Isle of Man Vol XI No.3 pp 287

Coakley, F.

The Mormon Missioning of Man and Manx Emigration to 'Zion', 1840-1853 Vol XI No.2 pp179

Compiled By the Editor

Manx Sundials Vol V No. 1 pp92-99

Corkill, Adrian  

Hostile Sea - The Wreck of the Schooner Tommi  Vol XIII pp171/178

Corkill, Ulla 

'Gossamer that Floats in the Country': Manx Folklore in Literature Related to the Isle of Man  Vol XI No. 4 pp507/526

Cottle, Valerie  

The Naturalist, the Two Reprobates and the Frozen Woman  Vol XIII pp151/156

Cotton, M. A. and B. R. S. Megaw .

Vitrified Forts and the Camp on Cronk Sumark Vol V No. 2 pp189-194

Cowin, Frank.

Captain John Quilliam R.N. Vol VII No. 4 pp522
Holmes Affairs Vol VIII No. 2 pp100-115
Trafalgar Through Manx Eyes  Vol XII No. 1 pp25/40
Maria: The Lady on the Stamp  Vol XII No. 3 pp387/398

Cowin, H. S.

Genealogy in the Isle on Man Vol VII No. 1 pp13-25
Theory of the Alignment of Tombs, Tumuli and Tracks In Mann In the Neolithic Era Vol VII No. 3 pp356-374

Cowin, W. S.

Ballafreer Household Account Books Vol V No. 2 pp136-140
Bees And Wasps. Vol V No. 1 pp87-91
Old Castletown Banking House. Vol V No. 1 pp70-86

Cowin, W. S. and Alice Kelly

James Kelly, Banker. Vol V No. 2 pp 187-188

Cowley, J. W.

The Manx Woollen Industry through the Centuries Vol VI No. 1 pp39-45
Farm and Village at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Vol VI No. 2 pp173-180
Progress In Education In the Twentieth Century in the Island Vol VII No. 3 pp281-291


Excursion in Cumberland, 1948 Vol V No. 2 pp58-59

Craine, D.

Dungeon of St. German's. Vol V No. 1 pp161-188
Manx Doctors in -17th Century Vol V No. 2 pp181-186
Milntown Vol V No. 2 pp63-69
Kirk Patrick of Jurby Vol V No. 1 pp28-47

Craine, J. H.

Justice of the Peace in the Isle of Man. Vol VII No. 1 pp120-127

Cregeen, S. M & I. Shields

Investigation and Partial Excavation of the Druidale Horizontal Mill Vol X No. 3 pp255

Cregeen S. M.and E. Rynne

Excavations at the Cronk, Upper Lhergydhoo, German undertaken by Woodcock Vol X No. 3 pp231-248

Crellin, J.C.

Building of Thurot Cottage, Kirk Bride, 1809. Vol VI No. 4 pp439-502
Ballachurry, Kirk Andreas. Vol VI No. 2 pp255-262

Crellin, Jennifer

Cup-marked rocks on the Meayll Peninsula  Vol XIV pp30/44

Crellin, Rachel J.  

Tracing Change at Killeaba  Vol XIII pp29/44

Cringle, D.

Emigration of Manx Children to Canada, 1884-1928 Vol X No. 1 pp1-10

Crowe, C J.

Note On White Quartz Pebbles Found in Early Christian Contexts on the Isle of Man. Vol VIII No. 4 pp413-415

Crow, Rebecca  

The Great Grey Seal Soap Opera: An introduction to the life of the grey seal - Halichoerus grypus, and the Calf of Man seal pup survey 2013  Vol XIV pp13/29

Crowe, Nigel. G.

Corletts And Ballakoig. Vol IX No. 1 pp95-124
Moores of Ballakilley, Marown Vol X No. 2 pp17-40
Manx Houses of the Seventeenth Century: A Hidden Heritage?  Vol XII No. 1 pp65/96
An Introduction to Sub-Tenancy in the Isle of Man  Vol XIII pp70/87
Notes on Land Tenure Sources: Woods's Atlas  Vol XIV pp136/138
Towards the Origins of the Manx Landscape  Vol XIV pp81/89

Cubbon, A. Marshall.

Abstract: Rev W. Heywood (1786) By Michael Dolley Vol IX No. 4 pp593-600
Cashtal, Ballagawne, Garwick. Note on the Preparation of the Report Vol VII No. 1 pp88
Centenary Presidential Address Vol VIII No. 4 pp434-457
Clay Head Cooking-Place Sites. Vol VI No. 4 pp566-596
Excavation of a Lintel Grave Cemetery and Associated Features at Ballaquayle, Patrick by S. M. Cregeen Vol X No. 3 pp263-276
Excavation of a Medieval Metal-Working Site, Braddan Village, 1966
Vol IX No. 2 pp197-238
Mediaeval Chapel of St. Mary S, Castletown Later the Castletown Grammar School. Vol VII No. 3 pp307-342
Note: a Carved Cross Fragment From Andreas Vol IX No. 4 pp601-606
P.M.C. Kermode: An Appreciation On the Centenary of the Manx Museum Vol IX No. 3 pp319-332
A Remarkable Decade of Manx Coin Hoards, 1972-1982 Vol XI No.1 pp29
A Viking-Age Plaited Gold Finger-Ring from Greeba,Isle of Man Vol XI No. 3 pp249
Some Manx Archaeological Memories  Vol XII No. 3 pp359/366

Cubbon, W,

Our Norse Heritage. Vol V No. 1 pp1-15
Antient And Noble Order of Bucks. Vol V No. 1 pp63-69
Kermode Family of Ramsey Vol V No. 1 pp109-121
Books of the Bishop's Barony Vol V No. 2 pp88-98
Caesars of Ballahick, Kirk Malew Vol V No. 2 pp70-72

Cubbon, William Christian

History of Rushen Abbey, Ballasalla, Isle of Man - 1134 A.D. Vol IV #1 pp98/115

Cunliffe Shaw, R

Prolegomena to a Re Appraisal of Early Christianity in Man Relative to the Irish Sea Province. Vol VII No. 1 pp49-84

Curphey, R. A.

Castletown Artificers Friendly Society, 2nd March, 1818-20th June, 1913 Vol VII No. 2 pp164-180
Peel Castle. Vol IX No. 1 pp59-94
Background To the Disputed Derby Succession 1594-1612 Vol VII No. 4 pp602-617

Curtis, Garry  

Notes on the Butterflies of the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 2 pp265/270

Dalingwater, J. and S. Wright

Spiders of the Isle of Man: Provisional List to 1990 Vol X No. 1 pp141-144

Davey Peter J

Medieval and Later Pottery from the Isle of Man Vol XI No.1 pp91
Towards a Sixteenth Century Topography of Ballasalla.  Vol XII No. 3 pp367/386
Archaeological Fieldwork  Vol XIII pp188/190
Cultural interaction and language contact: the Isle of Man  Vol XIII pp50/58
The ceramic finds from the Peel IRIS excavations  Vol XIV pp71/80

Davey, Peter, and David Allwood  

Note: Archaeological Fieldwork and Research Summaries  Vol XIV p142

Davey, Peter, and Philippa Tomrlinson  

Manx Wild Roses: A progress report  Vol XIII pp12/24

Dickinson, J. R.

Criminal Violence and Judicial Punishment in the Isle of Man 1580-1700 Vol XI No.1 pp 127
Eliza Endangered? Elizabeth I, the Isle of Man and the Security of England
Vol X No. 1 pp123-140

Dolley, M.

Procurator Extraordinary-Sir Wadsworth Busk (1730-1811) Vol VIII No. 3 pp207-245

Dubbeldam, Andree  

Wildflower Conservation on the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 3 pp353/358

Duncan, Peter  

Crustacean and Mollusc Fisheries of the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 4 pp744/761

Earland-Bennett, P. M.

Preliminary Survey And Assessment of the Lichen Flora of the Isle of Man Vol VIII No. 2 pp139-155

Eason, R. K.

Survival of the See of Sodor and Mann in the Nineteenth Century Vol VII No. 2 pp232-247

Evans P. and Gordon Craine

Calf of Man Report, 1961. Vol VI No. 3 pp368-378

Faragher, M.

Rise of a Musical Nation Vol X No. 1 pp11-22

Farrant, Deemster

Manx Archaeological Survey (Presidental Address 1934) Vol IV #1 pp65/71

Fellows-Jensen, Gillian

How Old are the Scandinavian Place-Names in Man? Vol XI No.3 pp423

Flanagan A.G.

Building of St. Thomas' Church-Douglas. Vol VII No. 4 pp492-506

Flanagan, C. E.

Isle of Man Natural History And Antiquarian Society, 1879-1979. Vol IX No. 2 pp169-182

Ford T. D.

Slump Structures in the Peel Sandstone Series, Isle of Man. Vol VII No. 3 pp440-448

Forster, R. E. C.

Press Gang In the Isle of Man Vol VIII No. 2 pp87-99
Reformist Movements in 1837. Vol VI No. 3 pp379-387
Aspects of Manx Emigration, 1750-1850 Vol X No. 1 pp23-32
Pioneering Schools of Peel. Vol IX No. 3 pp269-292

Fox, Allison  

Small Things Discovered: Recent Archaeological Finds  Vol XII No. 2 pp283/294
Antiquities and Antiquarians in the Manx News  Vol XII No. 4 pp597/612
Accessions: Manx Museum Archaeological Collection accessions  Vol XIII p191

Foxon, Andrew D.   

Cultural Heritage and the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 2 pp271/282

Fraser A. M.

George Borrow's Wanderings In Quest of Manx Literature Vol VIII No. 3 pp296-314

Freke, D.

Prehistoric Environmental Evidence From the 1987 Peel Castle Excavations Vol IX No. 4 pp491-500

Fyson, Robert

The Douglas Camp Shootings of 1914 Vol XI No. 115
A. W Moore and T. E. Brown: A Literary Friendship  Vol XII No. 2 pp223/230
Gladstone in the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 4 pp684/698
Gladstone in the Isle of Man: A Supplementary Note  Vol XIII pp186/187

Galtress, Karen  

The Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates of Sulby Glen, and other Watercourse Issues on the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 1 pp97/114

Garrad, L. S.

Archaeology and Tradition of some Prehistoric and Early Christian Religious Practices in the Isle of Man Vol X No. 1 pp79-104
C. H. Cowley Archaeological Collections In the Manx Museum Vol VIII No. 2 pp196-201
Castletown Excavations Vol VII No. 2 pp264-267
Excavation At Rhendhoo, Jurby (Plot 798) Vol IX No. 3 pp427-438
Gardening In the Isle of Man. I - Major Gardens Existing Before 1850 Vol VIII No. 3 pp246-279
"Garey Roddagagh", a Rediscovery of Bog Myrtle, Myrica Gale In a 'New' Area In the Isle of Man Vol IX No. 2 pp261-262
Gorse Mills in the Isle of Man Vol VIII No. 4 pp385
Items in the Collection of the Manx Museum Likely To Be From Horizontal Mills Vol IX No. 2 pp251-256
Note On the Douglas Dorcas Society Vol IX No. 2 pp257
Note: 'Borrane' As a Name For Ancient Sites In Man Vol IX No. 4 pp607-608
Note: Cooilldarry Vol X No. 2 pp124
Note: Denizens or Natives? Vol X No. 1 pp163
Progress In Mapping the Distribution of Manx Wildlife, 1965 - 1967 Vol VII No. 2 pp192-200
Red Herring Houses At Derbyhaven And South Quay, Douglas: Vol IX No. 1 pp133-136
Rescue Excavations, 1980-83. Vol IX No. 2 pp157-168
Ronaldsway Neolithic Site At West Kimmeragh, Bride, Isle of Man Vol IX No. 3 pp421-426
Some Notes on the Manx Flora Vol XI No. 453
Some Thoughts on Manx Woodland. Vol VII No. 4 pp666-685
Spread of Introduced Plants into the Wild in the Isle of Man Vol X No. 1 pp145-160
Towards an Alien Flora of the Isle of Man: Birdseed Weeds and Other Aliens Vol X No. 3 pp277-288

Gelling, P. S.

Excavations At the Hill Fort On South Barrule Vol VI No. 3 pp3I3-323
Excavation of a Promontory Fort On Baeeanicholas, Kirk Marown, Isle of Man. Vol VII No. 2 pp181-191

Goodall John A.

Manx Arms and Seals Revisited Vol XI No. 3 pp441

Goodsir, Sally  

George Steuart in the Isle of Man, and Beyond  Vol XII No. 4 pp699/720

Grace, Eleanor  

Traditional Manx Farmsteads  Vol XIV pp109/114

Graham-Campbell, James  

The Lost Coin of 'Ethelred II from Rushen Abbey  Vol XI No. 4 pp579/582

Graham-Campbell , James and John Sheehan.  

A Viking-Age Silver Hoard of 'Ring-Money' from the Isle of Man Rediscovered  Vol XI No. 4 pp527/540

Grass Tim

'The night cometh, when no man can work':The Spirituality of Thomas Wilson (1663-1755),Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man Vol XI No. 149

Graves, F. S.

Story of the Vixen Vol VII No. 2 pp201-231

Hams, H. V.

Tholt y Will and the Upland Farms Community Vol IX No. 3 pp303

Hardinge, Graihagh  

Sea Angling Round the Isle of Man: Using Historical Records  Vol XII No. 4 pp666/683

Harrison, A. M.

Reform From the North, 1844-1847 Vol VIII No. 4 pp402
Richard Sherwood In Manx Politics Vol VIII No. 4 pp349-361

Harrison, Ann, and Nigel Crowe  

A Dateable Manx House of the Eighteenth Century  Vol XI No. 4 pp553/556

Harrison, Stephen  

Anchors for Souls: Heritage and the Community  Vol XI No. 4 pp487/506

Hawkins, Kate  

The Calf of Man 1959-2009: Fifty Years of a Bird Observatory  Vol XII No. 2 pp205/222
The Marine Drive, Braddan  Vol XIII p185

Heluer, K. A.   

Bioarchaeological Study of Human Remains from Cronk Keeillane  Vol XII No. 3 pp469/486

Hislop, P. G.

Implementation of the Isle of Man Elementary Education Act, 1872 Vol VII No. 3 pp401-418

Hoy, Michael  

Political or Pastoral: Bishop Barrow's English Schools  Vol XII No. 4 p762

Jeffcoate William

Speculation on the Source of Quocunque Jeceris Stabit:King James I of England, Sir Edward Coke and Captain Edward Christian Vol XI No. 275

Johnson, A. C. C.

Notes a Lintel Grave and Cross at Greeba, German Vol X No. 3 pp289-291
The Old House of Keys, Castletown Vol XI No.2 pp223
A View from the Hills: Some Thoughts on the Reoccupation of Promontory Forts and the Possible Origins of the Manx Farmstead
Vol XI No. 51

Johnson, Andrew  

Excavations at Ronaldsway, 2008-2009: A Note  Vol XII No. 3 pp510/517

Karran, A. H.

Report of Folk Culture Section Vol V No. 2 pp3-4

Kelly, B. H.

Some Reflections On Church And State Relations in the Time of Bishop Wilson. Vol VI No. 3 pp324-351

Kelly, I. M.

"Strangers Coming Amongst Them": Jacobites, Farmers and Merchants in the Isle of Man, 1745-1775 Vol X No. 3 pp161-178

Kelly, Ronnie, and Timothy Darvill and Alan Kelly  

Copper Alloy Bar-Ingots from Ballacreggan Farm, Port St Mary  Vol XII No. 2 pp295/300
Bronze Chisel from Ballakilpheric, Rushen  Vol XII No. 2 pp301/302

Kermode, D. G.

Process of Royal Assent To Acts of Tynwald :Study of Refusals since 1900 Vol VIII No. 2 pp130-138

Kermode, R. D.

Further Notes On Lezayre. Vol V No. 1 pp16-27

Kewley, Jonathan  

Buildings in the Isle of Man by Thomas Brine: a Provisional Catalogue  Vol XII No. 1 pp147/152
Heraldry in the Isle of Man: History, Practice, Jurisdiction and Self-Image  Vol XII No. 2 pp231/264
Stained Glass of the Northern Plain  Vol XIII pp179/184
Manx Local Government in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  Vol XIII pp88/130

Kewley-Draskau Jennifer

Linguistic Codes in Manx Vernacular English Texts Vol XI No.1 pp67
Prisoners in Petticoats: Drag Performance in Great War Internment Camps  Vol XII No. 2 pp187/204
Edward Christian: Captain, my Captain  Vol XIII pp59/69
Lusitania and the Isle of Man  Vol XIII pp165/170

King, B.A.

H.M. Sloop of War Racehorse Vol IX No. 1 pp3-10

Kinley, G.D.

Illiam Dhone's Petition To the King In Council and Its Aftermath: Some New Light. Vol VII No. 4 pp576-601

Kinley, U: B.

Development of Douglas Harbour: a Mariner's View Vol X No. 2 pp65-86

Kissack, R.

Antiquarian Tomorrow Vol IX No. 2 pp239-250
Human Archaeology Vol VIII No. 4 pp423-433
Was Myles Standish a Manxman? Vol IX No. 3 pp335-354
Note: Where was Borodaill? Vol X No. 2 pp120-122

Kneen, J.J.

Manx Personal Names and their Romance Vol IV #1 pp77/89

Knowles, Graeme  

The Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy and Diocese of Sodor and Man 1800-1850  Vol XIII pp147/150

Laing, L. and J. Laing,

Early Christian Period Settlement At Ronaldsway, Isle of Man: a Reappraisal Vol IX No. 3 pp389-416

Lamb, J.

Manx Nature Conservation Trust in the 1990's and Beyond Vol X No. 3 pp149-160

Longworth, C.M. and J.W. Shields

Contour Survey of Mannanan's Chair, German, Vol IX No. 1 pp137-140

Lloyd, Katie  

Breeding Perfomance of the Hen Harrier Circus Cyaneus  Vol XII No. 3 pp487/495

Lucey John

Pearls and 'Spoons' from a River on the Isle of Man Vol XI No.3 pp459

Luff, M.

Entomological Survey of the Langness Peninsula, Isle of Man Vol IX No. 4 pp565-586

Lunt, D. A.

Note: the Age of the Viking from Ballateare, Jurby Vol X No. 1 pp162

Macinnes , A. I.

Scotland and the Manx Connection: Relationships of Intermittent Violence, 1266c.-1603 Vol VIII No. 4 pp362-377

Mackie, Catriona  

Observations on the Vernacular House in the Isle of Man  Vol XII No. 3 pp417/434
Open-air Museums, Authenticity and the Shaping of Cultural Identity  Vol XII No. 4 pp627/649

MacNeil, Calum  

Killer Shrimps  Vol XII No. 4 pp721/730

Maddrell, J. E.

Early Nineteenth Century Popular Psalmody in the Isle of Man Vol X No. 2 pp55-64

Magre Oftedal

Professor Carl Marstrander And His Work In the Isle of Man. Vol IX No. 1 pp11-20

Mathieson ,N.

Corrin of Peel Vol VI No. 2 pp266-273
Early Newspapers of the Isle of Man.
Vol VI No. 2 pp208-228
Sir George Moore and his Sons Vol V No. 2 pp144-168
Georgian Manxman. Extracts from the letters of Thomas Quayle for the years 1776-1783 Vol V No. 2 pp73-87

McCartan, S.

Early Prehistoric Colonisation of the Isle of Man: Mesolithic Hunter Gatherers Vol IX No. 4 pp517-534
Later Mesolithic Site at Rhendhoo, Jurby Vol X No. 2 pp87-118
Note: Rescue Excavation At Ballachrink, Andreas Vol IX No. 4 pp611-612
Rescue Excavation at Ballachrink, Jurby Vol X No. 1 pp105-122

Mckerra, lA.

Land Divisions in the West Highlands Vol V No. 2 pp12-20

Megaw , B. R. S.

Monastery of St Maughold. Vol V No. 2 pp169-180
Report of Archaeological Section Vol V No. 2 pp1-2
Report of Field Section. Vol V No. 2 pp141-143

Miller, Stephen  

'My Misfortunes Press So Hard upon Me': Letters from George and Theodosia Waldron to Sir Hans Sloane  Vol XI No. 4 pp557/564
'The Mona Melodies are now Published and Ready for Delivery': A Biographical Note on Mona Melodies (1820)  Vol XI No. 4 pp565/570
The Deemster Gill Papers (MS09702)  Vol XI No. 4 pp571/572
"Had Spell of Fiddling till Tea": Thomas Taggart of Grenaby and his musical activities in 1877  Vol XIII pp157/164
The Mona Douglas Folk Dance Collection  Vol XIV pp128/135

Moore, G. E.

Ancient Office of Water Bailiff or Judge of the Court of Admiralty. Vol VII No. 3 pp292-306
Effect of the Act of 1765. Vol VII No. 1 pp35-48

Moore, M.

Opening of the Extension At the Manx Museum Vol IX No. 4 pp587-592

Moore, R. B.

Juries in the Isle of Man. Vol V No. 1 pp100-108
Roll of the Keys Vol V No. 2 pp47-54
British Association Meeting 1947 Vol V No. 2 pp44-46
"Our Heritage" (Presidental Address 1933) Vol IV #1 pp40/49

Moore, T. M.

Architectural And Social Aspects of Douglas 1595-1900 Vol VIII No. 2 pp156-171
Some Social Aspects of Castletown In the Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries. Vol VII No. 4 pp686-705

Morley, A. H.

Calf of Man Report, 1962. Vol VI No. 4 pp525-543
Calf of Man Report, 1963. Vol VI No. 4 pp544-565

Muskett, Paul  

Criminal Lives as Historical Evidence: The Case of William Owen, Smuggler, Slaver, Privateer and Murderer  Vol XIII pp131/146

Mylum, Harold  

Excavations at the Iron Age enclosures at Ballacagen, Arbory, 2012 and 2013  Vol XIII pp45/49
Excavations at the Settlement of Port y Candas  Vol XII No. 4 pp650/665

Newton, Patricia  

'And the Laxey River Runs Down to the Sea': the Farming Landscape of Lonan and the Laxey Valley  Vol XII No. 1 pp41/64

Newton, W. E.

Douglas Town Commission Vol VIII No. 3 pp315-335

Panayi, Partikos  

The Meaning of Knockaloe  Vol XII No. 4 pp731/743

Purdy, Yvonne et al  

The Forebears of Bishop Wilson  Vol XI No. 4 pp573/578

Paton C. I.

Report of Botanical Section, 1947 Vol V No. 2 pp55-57
Introduced Weeds Vol V No. 2 pp122-127

Platten, Jennifer

Ecclesiastical Constraints on Social and Moral Behaviour int he Isle of Man in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Vol XI No. 3 pp325

Pickard, C.

Eighteenth Century Manx Merchantmen and Privateers Vol IX No. 4 pp501-516

Qualtrough, J. K.

Introduction To Manx Watermiills, Vol VII No. 2 pp248-263

Quayle G. E.

Folklore of Lezayre. Vol VI No. 3 pp426
Folklore of the Lezayre Tops Vol V No. 2 pp26-43
Folklore of the North. Vol VI No. 4 pp615-624
History in Hedges. Vol V No. 2 pp114-121
Use of Rushes in the Past. Vol VI No. 2 pp263-265
William Kennish, Poet, Inventor, Engineer, Explorer. Vol VI No. 2 pp181-190

Quayle, Paul  

Common-land enclosure and disafforestation in the Isle of Man: what happened to the Commoners' Allotment after 1866?  Vol XIV pp115/127

Quilleash, M.

Last of the Sulby Mills. Vol VI No. 4 pp503-508

Radcliffe, C.

Life In Ramsey, 1765 - 1865 Vol IX No. 2 pp183-196
Maughold Quakers Vol VIII No. 2 pp116-129
Mylecharaine: the Tune and the Treasure Vol X No. 1 pp49-62
Parish Clerk In the Eighteenth Century. Vol VII No. 4 pp618-631
Ramsey's Pride-Manx Fairy Vol VIII No. 3 pp280-295
Radcliffes of Andreas Vol VIII No. 2 pp172-195

Radcliffe, J. W.

Lewaigue: the Vicissitudes of a Farm Vol IX No. 3 pp293-302
Mines In Maughold With Particular Reference To the Vicarage, Glebe Mine. Vol VII No. 3 pp343-355

Radclilfe, E.

Upper Lhergydhoo Burnt Mounds and Earthwork Complex Vol X No. 3 pp247-254

Ralegh-Radford C.A.

St Patrick's Isle, Peel: The Medieval Ecclesiastical Remains and the Excavations of 1962 Vol XI No.3 pp361

Rawcliffe R. C.

The Development of Professional Accountancy in the Isle of Man Vol XI No. 165

Reeves, G. M.

On the Remains of a Skeleton of Cervus Giganteus (Irish Elk) In a Late-Glacial Kettle Hole Deposit Near Kirk Michael, Isle of Man Vol VIII No. 4 pp416-422

Reilly P.

Forgotten Keeill Excavation At Scarlett, Malew Vol IX No. 3 pp417-420

Renshaw, C.

Words And Deeds In Nineteenth Century Kirk Michael Vol IX No. 4 pp543-564
Discovery of the Site of the First Wesleyan Chapel in Kirk Michael Village Vol X No. 3 pp225-230

Richardson, Matthew  

Manx Museum Social History accessions  Vol XIII p191

Rimmer, T.

History of Manx Beekeeping. Vol VII No. 4 pp706-730

Roscow, J. R.

The Development of Castletown 1601 to 1703 Vol XI No.1 pp5
Eighteenth Century Noncomformists in the Records of the Manx Museum
Vol IX No. 4 pp473-490
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