[ILN 22 Sept 1888]


Opening of Noble's Hospital

At Douglas, Isle of Man, on Sept. 4, the hospital erected by Mr. H. B. Noble and his late wife, as a gift of public charity, was formally delivered to the Lieutenant-Governor, Mr. Spencer Walpole, as representing the island community. The building, of which an Illustration is presented. has been constructed at a cost of about £5000. from the designs of Messrs. Bleakley and Cubbon, architects, of Birkenhead and Douglas. It is situated in Windsor-road, an elevated position overlooking the sea. Its external face is of red pressed brick with terra-cotta dressings and half-timbered gables. The plan of the building is that of two projecting pavilions, one to the right, the other to the left, of the central block. This central block contains the administrative offices, the medical and surgical officers', matrons and nurses' apartments, the committee-room, and the operating.. theatre. The wards for male patients are in one of the side pavilions, and the female wards in the other, giving accommodation for nearly thirty patients' altogether. The central hall and staircase are handsome. Those who attended the ceremony, headed by the Right Rev. Dr. Bardsley, Bishop of Sodor and, Man, with the Vicar-General, Deemster Drinkwater, and members of the committee, walked in procession from Villa Marina.. Mr. Noble's residence, to the hospital, where that gentleman received them and the Lieutenant- Governor, who was accompanied by Mrs. Walpole. After the singing of a hymn, reading a Psalm, and offering prayer, the Bishop dedicated the new hospital to the glory of God, for the relief of the sick poor; Mr. Noble handed over the key, and a deed of conveyance of the building, to Governor Walpole, who responded in a short speech, followed, by the Deemster (Judge of the Isle of Man) and the Vicar-General. The building was afterwards opened for public inspection.

 [Since 1922 the building has housed the Manx Museum]

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