T 1/437/366 - Troops to be sent

Dublin Castle 13th June 1765
My Lord
Upon receipt of your Lordship's Letter of the 4th Inst signifying His Majesty's pleasure that Two Troops of Hales Dragoons & the Regiment of Foot under the Command of Major General Montagu be immediately completed by Draught to the Irish Establishment & embarked for the Isle of Man. We issued the proper orders for that Purpose accordingly; as also for their being furnished with compleat Camp Equipment and we have the honor of informing your Ldp that General Sandford, who has now the Command of his Mjys Forces here, being of opinion, that this Embarkation will be most convenient from this Port. Genl Montagu's Regt having lately removed from Drogheda to Waterford, We have issued Routes for the March of that Regt as also for the two Troops of Hale's Dragoons, by which they are to be in Dublin on the 24th Inst against which time the shipping & all other Necessaries will be ready for their Embarkation, & it is proposed that they shall embark at Douglas.
We are with great Truth &c
Bowes C,
Jno Ponsonby


The Dragoons were removed by the 28th March 1766 and the 2nd Regt of Foot replaced by four companies of the 48th Regt by 1769;


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