Isle of Man
Fire Insurance Company

This was a short lived attempt to build a local based Fire Insurance Company

" To insure Houses, Buildings, Goods and Merchandize in this Island only, against losses from Fire, for two thirds of the usual expence attending such Insurances"

The names behind the scheme were

Each member (which could be a company rather than an individual, had a single share + vote and were required to deliver security for £750 to be deposited with George Quayle & Co (this security would be called upon if the £750 was not provided on demand) - there was to be an office in Castletown - presumeably at George Quayle & Co at Bridge House - the annual rates were to be

The original articles of copartnership is to be found as Castletown Deed Trinity 1811 #1 - the various conditional Bond + Securities from the partners are also included in that term's Castletown Deeds - attached to these is a general discharge of all such commitments dated 8 May 1813 signed by all partners.

A poster was produced (printed by T Whittam of Douglas) dated 1 March 1811 but it would appear takeup was insufficient to cover costs of running partnership - the only receipt in the Manx Museum Bridge House Collection is for 3 policies (total £6 19s 3d) received via Lewis Geneste

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