Letter from William Sayle, 1838

Transcribed from Manx Museum MS00813 C (with acknowledment to MNH) - from Vicar General collection.

Larivane Kk Andreas Isle of Man

30th July 1838

Dear John

I received your letter about four weeks since. We heard of your mothers death by the letter you wrote to James in 1832. You request to know where your brother James is. This I cannot tell, I heard that he went to some part of America and that he returned again to England but I know nothing of him for certain, from the inquireys I have made I learn that he has disposed of all his property at a great disadvantage. George was in the Island about five or six years ago he came from Tiperara in Ireland and returned there to his Regiment he promised to write to me often but has quite forgotten me as he has not sent me word since. He was very intemperate when in the Island.

You wish me to send "Rosemary Seed" I have tried for it but every one says that it doth not bear seed. It must be propogated by slips - I informed William Sayle butcher respecting his sister and how to direct to her - I lent your letter to your father in Laxey And he desires me to let you know that they are all well. There is nothing new in this parish except a new Church which is building a little to the west of John Kinley Sam's house on the north side of the high road that goes by Ballachurry to the Craig.

The following have died. Govr Smelt and Col John Ready is Gov in his stead - Wm Ward Bishop of the Isle, and Dr Bowstead is now Bishop. He is cousin to Bowstead the banker who resided here. Fitzsimons who used to be goaler [sic gaoler] is dead he was found on the shore at the Green supposed to have drowned himself - Ballaradcliffe after a two years illness of the palsy - Thos Sayle Craig about three weeks ill - Dr Lamothe of Ramsey - Dr Harrison of Jurby - Thos Mylrea - James Brown late of the Kimmeragh whose widow is married to Phil Tear junior of Logh druage [?] - Thos Sayle Tear - Ann Radcliffe Alice - Dan Wade and wife - old Cain the Preacher - Molly Cowle who was married to Jas Brew - John Commode Balnalogh. The foregoing are dead and many others too numerous to mention. I am sorry too to inform you that Wm Grimshaw of Liverpool is dead he died about the 12th May last. Old Wm Lace and the women are alive and well, but I forgot to mention that Charly Lace who married a daughter of James Quaney is dead and his two children also dead - the estate of Balnesare has been sold to pay the mortages and the part which lies northward of the road is purchased by our present archdeacon and that to the south joining Ballavaddan by Mr Holmes - Joh Harrison's wife is dead and Johny is married to June Harrison widow of a man of the name of Lace from the Craig side.

The summer has been very cold with us so that the harvest will be late but there is a fair prospect of good crops. The herring fishing is very indifferent - the thing which flourishes most here at present is total abstinence from intoxicating liquors of every kind; and a society called Rechabites, upwards of 600 teetotalers & rechabites drank tea together at Ramsey last Friday. The Public House traffic is gone to nothing, we have but three in the Parish and little to do our Parson, the venerable archdeacon Philpot, is a member of the Society and our Parish Clerk is a first rate Public temperance speaker. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist have taken the cause of sobriety up with great warmth so that the flood of intemperance is turned in its course and brought to a low ebb. None drink the drunkards drink but such as are nearly without credit and without character "a few vain fellows of the baser sort " - Please let our brethren the American teetotalers know this for their encourasge and comfort.

I am very thankful to be able to state that we are all well hoping you are the same. I remain

Dear John and ? yours

William Sayle

William Sayle of Larivane (a farmer in 1837 Pigot's directory) is noted as presiding over a temperance meeting in 1848



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