Freemasons Lodge No. 2164 - St German's (later Glenfaba) Lodge

For early history and references see page on Insular Freemasons. The information here is taken from the Centenary History augmented by records from Grand Lodge Library.

The early numbers were augmented by several senior members from Douglas Lodges who generally resigned from the lodge once newly initiated members were capable of running the Lodge. The first WM was G.C.Heron a member of both St. Trinians and Athole Lodges as well as Deputy Provincial Grand Master designate. J. A. Brown, who had been a member of 221 lodge and now a member of Athole and Tynwald Lodges. George C. Heron (1847-) was a wine and spirit merchant.


1886 G.C. Heron
1887 G.C. Heron
1888 J.C. Corris
1889 C.M. Challender
1890 G. Watterson
1891 C. Morrison
1892 E. Anderson
1893 J. Hodgson
1894 J.A. MacQuarie
1895 W. Kermode
1896 E.T. Christian
1897 G.T. Watterson
1898 T.E. Kelly
1899 J.E. Kelly
1900 W. Kermode
1901 R. Wattleworth
1902 D.W. Driver
1903 R.W. Kelly
1904 R.A. Quayle
1905 H. Gell
1906 A. Newnham
1907 G. Wayle
1908 F. Crowe
1909 R.W. Teare
1910 H. Gell
1911 F. Archer
1912 T.W. Kermode
1913 H. Babb
1914 J.H. Kelly
1915 E.T. Christian
1916 E.T. Christian
1917 S.B. Botwood
1918 W.E. Kermode


Founding Officers 1886


John Caesar Corris

(1847- )Builders Merchant (Douglas Street, Peel).
Peel Town Commissioner 1885.


C. J. Tayleur

(-1888) Manager Creg Malin Hotel.


John Joughin

(1831) PM in Lodge 221;
Net Manufacturer and Grocer - probably major employer in Peel at that time.
M.H.K. and Chairman of Peel Town Commissioners.


James Hodgson

(1851- )Advocate
In 1881c Derby Square Douglas (W.M. Ellan Vannin 2049 in 1886) though by 1886 resident in Peel.


Henry Brearley

(1846-) Wine and Spirit Merchant
( associated with Athole Lodge) Resigned 9th Nov. 1897.


Charles Morton Challender

(1854-) Gentleman of no occupation
(associated with St. Trinians 2050)


Joseph Clucas

(1830- )Watchmaker.
P.M. and last Secretary of 221. Resigned ill health 1893.


William Faragher

(1840-1893) Headmaster Christian's Endowed School.

Richard Thomas Cowley, owner of the Peel City Guardian, also signed the Lodge petition but died 27 April 1887 before the Lodge was founded.


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