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Santan Presentments 1637

Archdeacon Wills 1637 - Censure of Sir John Cosnahan, Vicar of Santan:

January 29, 1637/ [3 pages]:
Wheras John Cosnahan Vicr of K Santan being convented before us at Bps Court & there upon sufficient profe found guilty of disobeydience to his ordinary, admonishing him at several times forbidding him to keepe Ale house & further is found negligent in his duty one the Lords Day omitting the reading of evening prayer or divine service many times as is proved upon record, Wee therefore (the promises considered) doe by virtue herof decree & censure the sd Sr John Cosnahan Vicr to bee suspended ab officio, or the exercising of any Eccleall: function & to continue suspended for the space of 3 months, from the Date hereof; hoping that this his censure wil bee a meanes to reforme him, & herafter admonish him for falling into a greater offence & danger of the law. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell.

To the General Sumner to bee brought to Sr Patricke Thompson to bee published on Sunday next.

The wthin directions hath beene accordingely executed, and submissively obeyed; Feb: the 22th 1637. Patr Thompson, John Christian General -------.

Sr: John Cosnahan his petition to take off his censure:

To ye right reverence fathers in God and his most religious good Lo: & ordinary Richard by divine providence Lo: bishop of this Isle. In all obedient & Submissive manner shewing to your Lo:shipps yt it hath beene ever the cheefest thinge yt I amide at in this troublesome life to beare afflictions & crosses soe as they would or cold arise patiently as the true service of Christ doe & must suffer & for this your Lo:ships minister proceedinge from so learned & inditious a censure, tendinge I joye for my reformacion & good I cannot nor may not but take it patiently & lovingly beinge as I know a father ----asticement to warme me & others for neglectinge my duty in divers respects: my very good Lor: since I was wth your Lor:--- there was neither stronge beer or smale brewed in my poore house, nor shalle until God better inable me. I have but the graine to make mault of, but wt I must sell to pay yor Lor:ship your rent & to helpe me towards the payment of Mr Dick--- his rent for another third and before I sayle wth either I will as I doe drinke water: the Lor: wth holds his dayly blessing from us by sea so yt fish, I have but smale store & ---- I doe eate none in his tyme of lent & how my poore house stored otherwise it is onely known to God yet never thelesse Lor:ships pleasure & imposition for brewinge shalbe faithful--- accomplished: let not my Lor be angrie I humblie & ---- intreate & begge his favor from your Lor:shippe yt it would please your to pardon my trespasses & receive me unto your favour & place me in my Church as formerly a--sto--e so shall I and my poore household pray for your Lor:shipe I am crediblely persuaded yt your Lor:shipe doth knowe yt - doth vexe & grieve my poore wife & accumulate noe little sorrow myself. Yet I joye it is all for my good, wch God grant it be, & therefore I joye my Lor: I shall say wth David hea----- indure for a night but --- cometh in the morninge peccani fateor pro penato mango paululum supplicy sati rest patri: I have it thoroughly to hart--- am hartily sory ---: The tyme my requires dayly & duly attendance in ye Church: the weather is ceratine ye waters dangerous yt both myselfe & my good friends are troubled yt if they would they cannot pleasure me without great ---yance, I am not able to travel & my horse is soe weake yt I ---- I cannot keepe him alive otherwise I would have tendered my ------ your Lor:ship but presently after easter I will God willinge visit your ---- once more I do earnestly & submissively begge pardon I ----- & dutifully rest already & every am ready your Lor:ship ----- denoted servant & poore friend. John Cosnahan, Vicar

[The censure presumeably followed from the presentment - he would appear to be of the same mould as his father]

Curia 2nd: peculiar St Santan:

Presents Phillip Farcher, violently drew bloud upon Wm: Cubon at the Crosse without the church yard one the Sabboath day, & the said Cubon did likewise fight & stricke againe the said Farcher.
Pharcher is enioyned by the Court for his sd offence to two Sundayes penance in his parish church & that in penitential habite & to acknowledge his error before the Congregation. Performed.

Ellin Bridson for cursing Robt Hanton was summoned & hath not appeared, ergo suspended.

Phillip Pharcher in the Face of the Court saith yt the Chapter quest presenteth smale faults & omits greate offence, the said Phillip being sworne to declare what those great offences were, saith that the evening prayer in there Church is not duly read one the Sabboath but sometimes, & that the Viccar sells ale one the Sabboath Day.

Jo: Quay Patricke Quay & Tho: Quay hath in all points sworne as the former Deponete.

Jo: Moore knocklochan, & Jo: Mallevartin -----hing one St Andrewes Day. Inioyned to acknowled there error in ye face of ye Congregation & to doe soe noe more. Performed.

Robt Hanton falling hedges --- --- -----. Performed.



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