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Ramsey Presentments 1681

[from MM Pre 2 pp 450/451] - some sections on microfilm copy are very dark

To the ye reverand father in God  Henery
by devine providence Lo Bop of Sodor &
May it please yr Lop
That there hath been no Gramer school kept in our
town since May last but an English School wee have
taught by Mris Hannah Bennett and of whom wee
are well pleased in her care and paines in teaching
our sons and daughters their bookes & reading
soe contented wee are of her that wee are very
sorry [t]he allowances from us cannot maintaine her
(to live and settle amongst us) as she might
And therefore humbly pray that it may
please yr Lop to xxnder ye educaion of
our few ? children (in Lxtt small knowledge)) by
conferring on the said Mris Bennett some xxhat
out of his Maties gracious gift (for ye English
schools in this countrey) or such pre'ns ?
so arte as may seem best in  yr Lopps mind and
so shall wee as in duty bound
Wm Kneale x
Edw Callow x
Hugh Kissage x
Phil Sayle x
Edm Curleott x
Edw Nichalson x
Wm Kewley x
Jon Callow x
Jon Corteen x
Jo Curlott x
Jon Kneale
Edm Calley
  Hugh Black x
Philip Quay x
Wm Holden x
Ewan Keruish x
Jo Nicholson x
Enr ? Curghey x
Patt Cottier x
Edmd Fayle x
Edw Curghey x
Jon Kissage x
Edw Christian x
Jo Kannel x
David Christian x
Jo Watleworth junior
Dan Looney x
 Edw Christian Deany []
James Christian
Hester Quayle x
Ro Carnaughan x
Edmd Christian x
Tho: Curlett x
Jon Curghey x
Jane Cesar x
Jon Christian x
Thos Kelley x
Wm Christian
Ewan Christian x
Jon Christian x
Jo Curghey x
Jo Christian
Jo Christian
Jo Wattleworth
Nicho Christian
Edw Christian
Sepember ye 21 1680

I am contented ( forasmuch as doth concern me) that Mris Hannah
Bennett (who is recommended by the most and best of ye town
of Ramsey) keep the English school in that town  []
a grammar school master be provided there []
[ rest too dark]
Henerie Soderens

April 19th 1681
Haveing mett this day at Peele and haveinge confidence
and the necessity of a petty schoole in Ramsey : Wee the Worp
Richard Stephenson Esqr Deputy Governor of this Island, in
behalf of our honble Lo of said Isle ; Henery by divine
permission Lo Bop for and behalfe of himself &
Edward Christian Esq and one of the judges of this
Isle for and behalfe of Dr Urqueheart Arch=
Deacon doe think fitt and soe doe order for the
mantenance of the said schoole and encouragemt of
the petionrs that from Easter in ye year last past 1680
she the said petionr shall receive yearly out of ye
impropriacons of this Island, purchased as well for the
maintenance of petty schools as the advancemt of ye
Clergy , the full and just sum of fourty shill
during her dilligent continuance of her employmt
or untill wee see just and reasonable cause to revoke this
our order and that ye same be duely paid, wee require
Sr Thomas Parr: in whose hands the profitts of the
purchased improriacon of the Kk Malew doth remane
that he give due observance to this our order, as
he shall answer sub pana juris, or upon his
refusall, the collectors appointed by the clergy
and allowed of by us to receive ye profitts of all
the purchased impropriacons of this Island, shall pay
ye said sume of fourty shillins yearly to the
petitionr as it becomes due to her out of the
sumes of money they shall receive for ye case
intended by [several woords too dark ] for wch this shall be
their sufficient discharge and warrant, date
ut sup Richard Stevenson
Hen Soderensis
Edw Christian
Copia vera original irrotulat
per me John Parr Espis Regtr

Constance Radcliffe states that Hannah Bennet shortly afterwards married Edward Christian of Lewaigue family and died in 1700 (there is a burial of a Hannah Christian Maughold 8 Feb 1700/1)


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