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1719 Rushen Presentments - Cursing in Manx

Octo 18th 1719
The church wardens & Chapter Quest present
John Sansbury of KK Arbory & Katharine Carin for forn=
cation fama commun [common knowledge] - They have in Court
cleared themselves on oath

Die eode [this day]

They also present John Cottier Senr (Of Rouanny) and
Richard Callister for sewing discord betwixt Mr Thomas
Gawn & Daniel Calister by reporting that the legal pro=
secution of the Differences betwixt Sampson Hudson &
Daniel Calister would ha' dropt, but for the perswasion
& instigation of Wm Gawn. Richd Callister has
asked Mr Gaun forgiveness

Die eode

William Waterson one of the church-wardens
presents William Costean for calling John Hutchin
Varlee, as bac-y-barlee ; Hen rish y Nonnyn, myr hi[]
dy yidgig purt bac-y-Doin, bee oo-dy he Shahlyn ayn
ston, as egh-ny Fee as ny Fannagyn ny Loolyn as dty
He has solemnly asked forgiveness
on his knees

church wardens 
Tho Gawn
James Waterson
Wall Waterson my mrk
Ed Hinghey

chapter quest
John maddrell
William Qualtrough
Thomas Costean
Thomas Taylor 

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