[From Choice Presentments]

[From Presentments - Chapter Court 1785]

David Callister of the Parish of Kk Patrick for and in behalf of his daughter Isabel Callister spinster  - Pltff
John Gell of the said parish - deft
At Kk Patrick 10th Decr 1785

The said Isabel Callister having born an illegitimate
child and been presented at a Chapter Court holden in the said
parish on the 4th day of the month of Novr last past for
fornication and having this day appeared before me in order
to filiate her said child but being hard of hearing and her
speech gestures and signs unintelligible (as alledged by the sd
David Callister and his neighbrs) to every person, except her brother
William and her sister Ann Callister - and the said David Callister
having prayed that they might be sworn and examined in this
cause, and the said Wm and Ann Callister having been
legally cited and having appeared in court at the instance and suit of
the Pltff and being sworn upon the Holy Evangelists deposed
that the said Isabel Callister is intirely ignorant of
the nature of an oath, that she is hard of hearing, that her
speech, and signs are almost wholly unintelligible to every person
excepting to them the deponents that they do perfectly understand
her meaning upon most occasions when she wishes to be
understood by them, that she hath frequently declared to them
in her mode or manner of expressing her meaning that 
the deft had oftener than [o]nce carnal knowledge of her, that
he is father of her child and that he must support and
maintain it and she never had any criminal conversation
with any other man; as also that they verily beleive the deft
is the father of the said child; upon due consideration of the
said depositions and hearing what was pleaded agued admitted
and alledged by and on the behalf of the parties respectively, I
am of opinion that the said John Gell is father of the 
said Isable Callister's illegitimate child and do therefore
censure him the said John Gell and her the said Isabel
Callister severally 7 dies in cancere [7 days in prison] and to give bonds of
3 in usum Dmi Regis to stand 3 dies in ecca inpenate [3 days penance in church]

Isabel is I think daughter of David Callister & Isabel Clucas baptised Patrick 1766-04-27; Wm and Ann are her two immediately older siblings. Father David buried Patrick 1789-11-04

Her Child Jane, filiated on John Gell in the register, was baptised Patrick 1785-10-30


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