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Onchan Presentments 1637

Archdeacon Wills 1637 - Suspension & re-instatement of Revd John Oates, Vicar of Onchan:

"Wheareas Sr John Oates vicar of KK Conchan being convented before us at Bishops Courte & there hath freely confessed himselfe to be guiltie of incontinencie & to be the unhappie father of 3 bastards by several woeman whereby he hath dangerouslie wounded his owne soule much grivied the Church of God, most shamefullie scandalized by the Christian faith & his most holly function instead of being an example to the flocke in all hollinese conversacion; We therefore in dei nominee, decree & censure the said Sr John Oates to be suspended as officio et beneficio & soe to continue suspended for the space of 3 yeares hopeing that God will give him a sight of his sinnes & that by his repentance & hollines hereafter such satisfaction may be given to the Church that he may have just cause to reseive him into her bosome againe dated Feb: 5. 1637. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nicho: Thompson, Hu: Cannell. To ye General Sumner to be brought to Sr Patrick Tompson to be denounced ye next Sunday:

According to our Ordinarie Directions, the wthin suspention hath beene published & denounced accordingly & alsoe submissively obeyed, Feb: the 22th 1637. Patr: Thompson, John Christin, xxxxxx xxxx.

Whereas wee have formerly suspended Sr John Oatts vicar of KK Conchan for irregularitie as officio et beneficio, And now upon his humble submission and other satisfacion given to the Law; And most especially consideringe that the parishioners doe much complaine that they are not duly served (noe one Minister beinge able to officiate in two Churches to the peoples contentment), Uppon thees consideracions wee have thought good, by vertue hereof to restore the sd Sr John Oatts to his former office, place, and profits: And with his parishioners to take due notice hereof and to yeelde him all manner of dues, anie way of right belonginge to his vicaradge concerninge wch dues hee is now restored to full right & power to take, sette, & lette at his pleasure, Dated the 23th of April 1638. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell.

To Patricke Thompson vicr, to bee published & returned, to bee upon recorde. The release & restoration was published xxxxxxx in KK Conkan Church upon Sunday the 29th of this Instant April 1638: Patrick Thompson."


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